J. Anthony Brown: Biography & Net Worth

J. Anthony Brown: Biography & Net Worth

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J Anthony Brown known for his signature saying ?watch out de now? is a Columbian celebrity that thrills his fans through comedy, acting, hosting radio shows and also appearing in films and a couple of television shows.

This successful media personality 2016/2017 net worth is $2 million thanks to the incredible success in his career and also his own established clothing line business, according to celebritynetworth.wiki.

Brown?s career in comedy kicked off at a comic club at Atlanta in 1972. Later in 1989 he left Atlanta for Los Angeles where he joined Hollywood and got himself a job as the head staff writer at the Arsenio Hall Show. Within 5 years of his career in Arsenio he had already gotten himself two other writing jobs at Me and the Boys and the Parenthood. He has also been featured in popular TV shows and movies such as; Drum line (2002), xxx State of the Union (2005), Think Like a Man (2012), Oprah Winfrey Show, Mr 3000, Moesha, Sparks, The parkers, Living single, Tom Joyner TV Show, The diabetes talk show on CNBC, How to be a player, Drumline, Pay the price among many other shows. Brown also has his own comedy videos that are usually in high demand from millions of his fans. Due to his diabetic condition, he has also become a major spokesperson in encouraging diabetics to live a healthy life through several media houses. In November 2005, his incredible artwork was featured along with Annie Lee?s work at an art exhibition that was taking place at Washington, DC.

For 20 years (1996?2016 November) Anthony has been on the popular nationwide show ?Tom and Joyner Morning Show? at Dallas, Texas where he always kept his listeners thoroughly entertained.

After leaving the Tom and Joyner Morning show Brown is now on a job of an administrative producer in a forthcoming competition reality Television show.

In his career, Brown has received the NAACP Image Award the Peabody Award that was awarded to him in 1993 to his participation in the rebuilding of the 1992 LA Appraisal.

Anthony was born in Columbia, South Carolina. His career in comedy started at Atlanta Georgia where he became part of a comedy show that happened at an indigenous night club. His booming clothing line was also inspired by his earlier occupation as a tailor before he got into comedy. Originally before getting into comedy, Anthony was pursuing a career in cloth designing.

About his love life, he is currently single. Anthony Brown lost both his parents due to diabetes. In 1998 he himself started experiencing symptoms of the same illness whereby after several tests he was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. As a result of his own case and the pain of losing both his parents too, In 2003 Brown founded the J Anthony Brown foundation geared towards finding a cure of this disease. This non-profit foundation helps the Africa-Americans and other citizens in South Carolina to lead a healthy life as they fight the effects of diabetes. Brown?s greatest hobby doing what he does best, making people laugh.


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