It Is Creative My Dudes

It Is Creative My Dudes

It is Wednesday my dudes. These are the words most associated with the ex-Vine star, Jimmy Here. The Vine video, which has since seen countless reworks, features a close up of Jimmy Vine wearing swimming googles. He announces, ?It is Wednesday my dudes? to the camera. The video cuts to a wide of Jimmy clad in a Spider-man costume. He screams in a distinctively shrill way. The original video became an instant meme, the battle cry for countless workers trying to get through their hump days.

Jimmy, however, is not the originator of the phrase. The first instance of the meme was posted on Tumblr in 2014 by the user ?kidpix2?. The meme consisted of the image of a Budgett Frog with the text ?It is Wednesday, my dudes?, accompanied by the comically proportioned frog. Jimmy, took this meme and created his vine. The Budgett frog has a shrill vocalisation which explains Jimmy Here?s scream. Why the Spider-man suit and the goggles? Like any meme, it?s best not to dwell too much on the why.

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You?re probably thinking to yourself, why are you bringing my attention to a 4-year-old meme and a video which was posted to a platform that doesn?t even exist anymore? Well, memes tend to have a life of their own and this meme has taking a life of its own, to create one of the most creative uses of throwaway internet culture ever.

The Redditor and Youtuber, ?ZimoNitrome? has combined the image of the Budgett frog with Jimmy Here?s vocalisation creating a video series that has gained a life of its own. So far ZimoNitrome has created 63 animated videos, each with a different theme and setting. It started simply in the video entitled, ?guess what day it is?. The frog, initially silhouetted against a grey background, is revealed to be dancing on a lilly pad. ?It is Wednesday my dude? and the shrill scream of Jimmy Here can be heard remixed into techno music through-out the video. And the scope of the videos have only become more creative and complex as time goes on. Stand out episodes include a Windows 95 theme, a Christmas video, and a solar system created from the budgett frogs image. What?s more, ZimoNitrome is creating these videos at an astonishing pace, releasing one a week ? unsurprisingly on a Wednesday. Zimo singlehandedly creates the bespoke animation, to remixed music from a variety of creators, most of which includes the original dialogue from the Jimmy Here video. This is an extraordinary amount of work for anyone, let alone the fact that ZimoNitrome isn?t likely to be paid directly for their efforts.

ZimoNitrome is showing creativity and dedication by creating something new from a single starting point. What they are creating is art. Some may disagree, but it?s an expression of Zimo?s creative skill, that just so happens to be riffing off of a meme. It?s a testament to internet culture and how a simple idea can bring joy to people every Wednesday, especially in a time where the internet is only becoming more toxic.

If you?re bored one Wednesday, maybe sit down and watch a few of these videos. You might find yourself falling down a rabbit hole, or frog hole? no? frog hole doesn?t sound right?


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