Is Market America legit or a Scam?

Is Market America legit or a Scam?

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A lot of buzz is going on about if Market America | is legit or are they a scam. We are going to break down the hard facts and figure out the truth once and for all.

Chances are you found out about Market America and are looking to do some research online to learn more about the company, and chances are you found a lot of people that are throwing around a lot of different accusations and explanations but none are giving any real facts to back up what they are saying. Most of the time, what happens is people Say its a scam but in actuality are looking to sell you their service or product as an alternative. Let?s look at the facts and figure it out once and for all is Market America a scam or a pyramid scheme, or is this thing really legit.

Legit Vs Is it going to work for me?

The first thing we need to clarify is the difference between if Market America is legit or legal, and if Market America is going to work for you. One does not necessarily mean the other as just because something has not worked for someone, does not make it illegal. So let?s begin with if the company is legit

The company has been around for 27+ Years

This should be one of the first signs of a company’s credibility. Pyramid schemes are illegal. The company is very visible online with a lot of things public. If the company was a scam or illegal but was around for 27+ year, either the government is not doing their job very well, or Market America is Legal

Direct Partnership with 100’s of big name company?s

Market America have partnerships with 100’s of stores like Hudson?s Bay , Ebay , and Bed Bath & Beyond and more. These Companies had negotiations with with Market America and decided that not only was Market America credible enough to put their names on, but they also deemed that it is worth the resources to use to market their product.

The Better Business Bureau and Torch Award winners in 2013 and 2018

If you are not familiar, the Better Business Bureau , or BBB for short, is a 3rd party non profit company that rates businesses based on credibility, performance, ethics, etc. The BBB has been around for over 107 years and is unbiased. Market America has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for over 27 years. Market America has also won the Torch award in 2013 and 2018, which is a prestigious award only handed out for outstanding performance and to few companies. Market America is also the first company to win this award twice.

Understanding Pyramid vs MLM vs Market America?s Unfranchise system

A lot of the skepticism comes from the lack of understanding of what these terms mean.

Pyramid Scheme Example

To make it simple , a pyramid has no product, and promises payment based on recruitment. Sometimes a product is in place but just as a mask. There is no customers and money is made from recruitment, not from product moving to end consumer. This structure is illegal

MLM ExampleExample Of MLM Structure

MLM or Multi Level Marketing Is where Distributors Recruit new Distributors and get paid Percentages on downlines depending on which level they are in. So if Level 1 sells $100 worth of product, then Distributor would get paid 80% on that. This goes down per level and eventually reaches 1 or 0 %. This is a legal Structure.

Unfranchise SystemExample of Market America?s UnFranchise System

The Unfranchise System was founded with the purpose of changing the MLM industry, and ended up creating a new industry. In Market America, there is no levels and is therefore not MLM. You get 100% regardless of ?Level?, and no payment for recruitment. 70% of the income comes from moving products to customers.

This made it possible for average people to earn an income, since mass recruiting is very difficult. The Unfranchise Business was designed for average people who put in work, to actually make an income being their own boss, you can learn more about the business here

For a more detailed explanation of how the unfranchise system works , you can watch the video below.

In conclusion

I think it?s fair to say that Market America | is not a scam, but whether it will work or not will depend on you and how much work you put in. It?s important to do more research online and to ask people with experience in Market America.

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