Is It Legal to Remove DRM from Apple Music?

Is It Legal to Remove DRM from Apple Music?

For most Apple Music users, they will be glad to keep songs downloaded from Apple Music forever. However, the current situation is that, once they stop paying the subscription fee, they will be unable to listen or download songs from Apple Music. Also, these M4P format songs downloaded from Apple Music are protected by DRM, which means they cannot use these Apple Music songs on some unauthorized devices, such as MP3 player, iPod classic, Zune, etc. unless the DRM protection is removed. Then here comes a question: is it legal to remove DRM from Apple Music?

This article will cover everything you want to know about Apple Music, Apple Music DRM removal, and the best Apple Music Converter you can get to get DRM-free Apple Music.

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The Definition of Apple FairPlay DRM

You may be an Apple Music user, but you may do not know what is Apple FairPlay DRM. FairPlay, DRM (Data Rights Management) platform of Apple, is a DRM scheme that originates from Veridisc, but Apple company adopts this scheme widely now. By using HTTP Live Streaming, FairPlay is designed to encode package content and is aimed for use with many iOS devices, such as Apple TV. At the very beginning, Apple used FairPlay to protect the content that is from iTunes Music Store. Now, for some locally stored content, FairPlay DRM still is used in the new service of Apple Music, when iTunes Music downloads are not encoded by Apple any more.

Legal Aspects Related to Apple Music DRM Removal

Now we are clear about what is Apple FairPlay DRM, here comes a question: is it legal to remove DRM from Apple Music? The answers are vary from different conditions.

For the first situation, if someone removed DRM from Apple Music for some commercial purposes, then this move is absolutely illegal and he will receive some related penalties.

Whereas there is the other situation, if someone subscribed the song that is downloaded, he can convert this song into other format and only for personal usage. In this way, it is supported by the law.

For most people, this way can help us save a lot of money in purchasing songs, but will this be too complicated for you to convert songs into other format one by one? It surely does.

The Best Tool to Remove DRM from Apple Music

So, you may want to ask how to remove DRM from Apple Music or what is the best tool to remove DRM from Apple Music files? Of course there is, and it is called TuneFab Apple Music Converter, which is a reliable and efficient Apple Music DRM removal software. This software can decode DRM and convert songs into unencrypted format, such as MP3, M4A, FLAC etc. Unlocking DRM, converting music or audiobook, multi-device playback, ID3 tags editor are the main features of this amazing product.

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The Main Functions of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Here are four main functions of this product.

First, TuneFab Apple Music Converter can unlock DRM from Apple Music,M4P songs, iTunes M4B audiobooks and Audible AA/AAX audiobooks. And it is easy to operate.

Second, TuneFab Apple Music Converter can convert Apple Music to multiple formats. After the DRM got unlocked, you are entitled to convert and save the DRM-protected M4P songs, albums, playlists to other audio files such as MP3, AC3, M4A, M4R, FLAC, MKA, AU, AC3, and so forth.

Third, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is an audiobook converter or audiobook DRM removal software as well, which lets you convert any purchased song from iTunes or Audible audiobook. It is not hard to save and stream the converted audiobooks from some free resources.

Fourth, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the most convenient way for you to enjoy Apple Music on multiple devices whenever you want without Internet connection after you download songs to your devices.

How to Operate TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Now, if you are interested in this software, but do not know how to operate it. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow. The first step is to download TuneFab Apple Music Converter on your device, then iTunes will automatically be activated at the same time.

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Next, after you launched TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you need to know the different sections, such as top menu, iTunes playlists, output settings, metadata, etc., on the interface so that you can use it skillfully.

The third step is to select music songs from the main interface. Click the Apple Music playlist shown in the left column, tick the little check box to convert the Apple Music songs you selected. To find the song you want to convert could be difficult from time to time. Luckily, you can use search function to search for artist, album details, or name you like for a song. In this case, your chosen songs will be converted in batch by TuneFab Apple Music Converter, which saves you a lot of time.

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The fourth step is to choose your desired output format including MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, AU, M4R, and MKA for saving the converted songs.

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Finally, the last step is to simply click on convert button to start converting Apple Music songs to MP3. Then there will be a new conversion window pop up, and will show you the whole progress of the music conversion. Once there is a Completed on the screen, which means Apple Music M4P songs have been converted to MP3 format successfully. You can tap the Explore Output File button to find the place where the converted Apple Music songs are on your local folder.

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In the end, if you want to download songs from Apple Music for free, try reliable and efficient software TuneFab Apple Music Converter, less trouble, more surprise!

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