Is a Lionhead rabbit a good pet?

Is a Lionhead rabbit a good pet?

A lionhead rabbit is a well-mannered, social and friendly pet. Almost all the owners have loved the Lionhead and have declared Lionhead rabbit a good pet. It can be easily trained and goes well with children. An incredible tolerant breed that is a well-suited pet for the family.

Temperament: What makes Lionhead rabbit a good pet?

Lionhead rabbit possesses those qualities that make them a very friendly and well-mannered bunny. The keepers do not have any complaint on them, their cute appearance will always seek attention. Like any other rabbits, they do require a certain level of attention. Lionhead loves to spend some time with keepers every day.

Lionhead bunnies are not like dogs or cats, they can be left alone for long periods. The Social connection will not be that strong, but they do seek attention.

Normally you can expect aggression in Lionhead rabbits. But whenever they feel insecure, they do get aggressive. A wrongful touch, painful holding or signs fo danger(dogs/cats) nearby. How do know when your rabbit is aggressive? They will grunt and their ears will be back, you can easily make out that your rabbit is not comfortable. Maintain distance, and analyze what caused your rabbit to be aggressive.

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What is a Lionhead Rabbit?

The name suggests the appearance of the rabbit. The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane around the head, that depicts a male lion. The mane is around 2 inches long that will encircle the head. Lionhead has short ears with 2 to 3 inches and has a compact body.

Most popular and fancy pets of the United States. Most of the keepers love for their mane, different body colors and their good temperament. Their cute appearance alone can draw huge crowds around.

Where do Lionhead bunnies come from?

The history behind Lionhead rabbits is not very clear. The Lionhead bunnies are originated in France and Belgium by crossing two types of dwarf breeds. The breed can be Netherland Dwarf and a Jersey Wooly, but not substantiated. This cross resulted in the breed of rabbits that has a mane. The gene that resulted in the growth of wool around the head is called as ?mane? gene.

The Lionheads gained popularity in the 1990s around Europe and later in the United States. In 2002 the BRC ( British Rabbit Council, the United Kingdom) recognized the Lionhead breed. In 2014 the Lionhead Rabbit got recognition in the ARBA( American Rabbit Breeders Association ).

How long do Lionhead rabbits live?

The lifespan of the Lionhead rabbit is around 8 to 10 years. The rabbits are delicate animals, that require proper housing, a well-balanced diet and a little bit of physical activity. Good physical activity will keep the rabbit healthy, the ideal weight should be 3 lbs (1.36 kg).

How big does a Lionhead rabbit get?

Lionhead rabbits are small with 3 inches long ear and 2 inches of wooly mane. The length of 8 to 10 inches and a weight of 3 lbs (1.36 kg). But it can reach a weight of 1.7 kg( 3lb 12oz ).

Lionhead rabbit mane types

Lionhead rabbit is known for its mane. They do have two types of mane ? Single mane and double mane. The Single mane rabbit has a medium length of fur, whereas the double mane Lionshead has covered with more than 50 percent of long fur.

The lionhead rabbit having a double mane gene will have a lot more mane circling their head than a single mane rabbit. Whereas the single mane Lionhead will have a regular mane of wool around the head and ears.

Mane gene is a dominant gene, if the lionhead rabbit is crossed with another rabbit breed, still the DNA holds the mane gene.

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