Interview Time Frames: What Is a Typical Wait Time after an Interview?

Interview Time Frames: What Is a Typical Wait Time after an Interview?

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Whether you?re planning to switch jobs or just taking your first steps in the business world, be ready to go through a complex process. You will have to find a vacancy, send the application for the position, make it through the interview, wait for the decision, and then, finally, receive a job offer. Many job seekers think that an interview is the most stressful part. In fact, real hassle is what happens once it?s over. Time flies, you still wait for the response and can?t get to grips with it all. Are you finally employed? Can you send one more application? What should you do next?

Don?t worry about an interview process taking too long. Read the article and feel equipped for such an unstable period in your career.

Your Next Steps: What to Do After an Interview

Don?t let your hair down once the interview is over. Keep working to reduce the anxiety about a hiring process.

Call Your Doubts into Question

Ask your potential employer a couple of questions about time frames and your next steps. Will you have a second session? When are they going to make a final decision? Do they inform every candidate or just the successful ones? According to Monster, you must know exactly when the decision is to be made. Knowing what to expect is always better than guessing.

Don?t Be Shy to Follow up after Interview

Promote your candidacy by sending a follow up email after interview when you haven?t heard back or immediately after the meeting. It will leave a positive impression on you, demonstrate good manners and show your interest. A small follow-up note can also prove you?re the right person for the job. Simply give some info about your strengths and compliance with requirements. Choose between a usual email, a LinkedIn message, or a friendly handwritten note to express your gratitude.

?You need a mindset of ?continuing the conversation? rather than ?asking for a decision?- describes a good follow-up email Miranda Kalinowski, vice president of global recruiting at Facebook.

A second follow up email after interview or check in the email will remind a hiring manager about your application if you still have no response.

Check in email after interview should include:

The job title you were interviewed for. (Place it in the subject line)

A short paragraph to inform that you are still interested and waiting for the upgrade. Tell them why you are excited about this position. Contact hiring manager, not a random company worker.

Finish your email with gratitude.

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The In-between Time before Landing a Job

I know a state of uncertainty is such a nerve wracking thing. It seems you?ve been waiting for ages and nothing changed. Anyway, don?t overthink and be patient.

One Week after Interview

It doesn?t mean you?re out of the running for the job if you haven?t heard back within a few days. Usually, you receive a callback in three or four business days. Don?t worry if a hiring manager right after the interview says they will call back in a week.

Unfortunately, some factors can make you wait longer. Probably, they keep interviewing the job applicants for the same position or deal with one of the following:

HR department is busy

Sometimes, companies hire many employees at a time. Managers work hard to choose the best candidates for various departments. In addition, the electronic database may fail and cause delays.

Did you have a test task?

If your answer is positive, they may be still checking it.

Real life happens

Somebody could get seek or go on vacation. Anyway, they should give you feedback and ask to wait for the manager to come back to the duties.

Two Weeks and More

I have bad news if you?ve been waiting in donkey?s years and still have no response after interview. Send a check in email and politely ask what?s wrong. If you never get the answer, ask yourself whether you are still willing to work for the company that ignores people.

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Look around!

New opportunities are waiting for you on every corner! You may be missing much better chances while sitting by the phone at home waiting to hear back from job interview.

What to Do When You Get a Job Offer While Waiting for Another

Send a couple of applications at a time. The more offers you have, the higher chances to find a job. Visit a few places and see where you feel more comfortable. If several of your requests have been approved, choose one and politely reject the others. A job is a vital part of your life, thus you have the right to select what coincides with your dreams and professional targets.

Finally, take a deep breath and feel good about your chances of landing the gig. You did your best!


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