Instagram models — accounts to follow

Instagram models — accounts to follow

Selection of some inspiring accounts of Instagram models that you might decide to follow in USA, UK, Canada, Germany.

Last Updated: July 3, 2020

Today, social media provides endless opportunities for people all of over the world, especially those with beautiful appearance. They build their audience, get business inquiries from clothing, cosmetic or other brands and the income from these collaborations allow them to leave their full-time job in return to the great opportunities provided by Instagram platform.

In this article I wanted to share with you a few accounts of models that inspire me and that already built some decent following and yet I still think they deserve much more attention. I hope you will like them too:

1. Natalia Elenkina




2. Lena Leroy

Lana Leroy instagram modelSOURCE


3. Polina Rai

Polina Rai instagram modelSOURCE


4. Tatiana Ratnikova

Tatiana Ratnikova instagram modelSOURCE


5. Evgeniya Bobyleva

Evgeniya Bobyleva instagram modelSOURCE


6. Arielle Chernov Keren

Arielle Chernov Keren instagram modelSOURCE


Working in art and design industry, I find these accounts very attractive not just from the beauty of these women, but much more from artistic and inspirational perspective of their posts and Instagram stories.

A few tips on how to become an instagram model:

a. Style

Choose your style both of your photos and your outfit. Find a few accounts of photographers and models that you like and try to find some similarities and things like angels of the camera, ideas for a photo shoot, or clothing style that you like and use them as a reference for the future content of your account.

b. Connections

Build a relationship with photographers in your area, and don?t hesitate to contact them and ask for a photoshoot. It is crucial to build a good relationship with one or two photographers to create a steady flow of new photos. You need a lot of content (great content) to build your following.

c. Profile

Make sure your profile content is consistent from both visual perspective (color palette, filters) and copy (tone of voice and topics). And you are always responsive to all the comments and conversations on your posts.

d. Marketing

Instagram has almost a billion users, and you have to work very hard to win the attention of these people. It is always a good idea to allocate some money for buying posts from bloggers from your niche. Ideally, if you can do it regularly. It is never enough promotion 🙂

Photo editing apps instagram models use


It is an essential app with a decent amount of perfect free photo filters that will help to improve the quality and visual consistency of your photo feed. The most popular filters of insta models are A6, S1, A4, M4, and M5 (these are the code names of the photo filters within the app).

b. Snapseed

A pro mobile photo editor built/owned by Google. It has a wide range of features that allows you to achieve a desirable outcome. There are 29 tools and filters that include pushes, structure, HDR effects, and perspective. It is an excellent tool for everyone who wants as a robust photo editor in their pocket.

c. Facetune

It is a perfect app for retouching your face, body, and not just that. You can even use it to paint walls in another color or blur background.

d. MakeupPlus

It is one of the most popular apps for adding or editing makeup on your face in any photo. It has a simple-to-use interface and lots of different types of cosmetics and separate assets for eyelash, lipstick, and face contour.

e. Prequel

It is an app for Instagram Stories, that allows you to edit videos, add filters, and music. It has a vast library of assets and capabilities for creating some cool stories.

Instagram trends: what are the things that make some photos or videos go viral in 2019

Short video format

Videos are getting more likes and view these days. To make it Explore section, you need to record a video (2?6 sec). It should be a dynamic and engaging piece that makes people save it and repost it to their stories. These are the signals that tell the Instagram algorithm to rank the content higher.


It means fewer objects on a photo with a focus on one thing. So when you take a picture of a few objects, try to make one object stand out from the rest so it can catch the attention of the viewer.


Instagram model promoting a bag

?Natural? editing

Forget about presets, filters, and tons of apps for photo editing. Everything you need is a phone with a good camera and daylight. Take a photo, edit exposure or brightness and edit color balance, and now you get a trendy but straightforward shot.


Photos of different object in sunny natural light


Yes, the feed and likes still matter, but these days a lot of effort put into 15sec video stories where people share their life right now. That?s why bloggers prefer this format because it is getting more and more popular.

Film frames

As some of you might notice, our feed flooded with lots of photos made on a classic film camera. This trend will continue in 2020. Download apps that make your photos look like they were takes on a film camera.


Film camera shot of an instagram model driking coffee

Following trends is always significant to guide you in the right direction, however, try to copy less but instead look for your voice and style. To get there, you need to work, don?t fear to make mistakes, and learn from them. There is a viewer for any art form, and creativity has no boundaries.

I hope you enjoyed this article! <3


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