ILY Meaning: What Does ILY Mean and Stand for?

What does ILY mean? What is the definition of this internet acronym ? Learn how and when to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

ILY Meaning

What Does ILY Mean?

A slang term for the ironic faster way of saying ?I love you?, Weirdly enough this slang term uses the three simple letters to tell someone how you feel.

In an agonizing twist the term can also mean ?I?m leaving you?, With the difference in meaning it would pay to be very careful when you use this term, making sure the person you speak to has a clear idea of what you want to say. It would be very wise to remember that if you are in love with someone that typing out the entire sentiment would be the smartest thing to do.

Origin of ILY

Texting situations brought about the birth of ?ily?, just as it has seen with countless other slang terms. The need in texting to say something in the shortest number of letters as possible saw the need and ?ily? was born. Social media has been the catapult for an entire generation of slang terms and pushes pop culture to create more every day. When the actual first use of ?ily? occurred, the world may never know for sure.

Conversation Examples

This is how you will see this texting abbreviation used.

Example 1:

Texter 1 : Hey babe!

Texter 2 : Hey. HRU?

Texter 1 : Good, just getting off work. HBU?

Texter 2 : I should be off in a couple hours, still on for lunch?

Texer 1 : YES! Lol

Texter 2 : lol ttyl

Texter 1 : ILY

You will find this internet slang word used a ton during text conversations like this one here where ending a conversation it?s a fast way of saying I love you.

hru ? How Are You

hbu ? How About You or How Bout You

lol ? Laugh Out Loud

ttyl ? Talk To You Later

Example 2:

Texter 1 : Hey babe ILY ! Happy Anniversary!

Texter 2 : Thank you babe ily!

There are many times ?ily? is used during texting if someone doesn?t have much time to talk, yet they still want to say a quick I love you.

ILY Meaning Infographic

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