Iced Latte VS Iced Coffee: What’s the Difference?

Iced Latte VS Iced Coffee: What’s the Difference?

We all love iced drinks, especially in the summer heat when they taste especially sweet. This goes twice for coffee when the usual warmth and steam just? doesn?t feel right nor satisfying. What are the two favorites when it comes to iced caffeinated drinks? You guessed it. The two most popular ones are iced latte and iced coffee. But they sound the same, don?t they? What?s the difference between Iced Latte VS Iced Coffee?

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Well, let?s break down how they are made.

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How to Make an Iced Latte

There is no standard recipe for this, but our favorite way to make iced latte is this, so enjoy.

First, you take a tall glass and fill it with ice cubes. Then you can pour the freshly made espresso (not any other kind of coffee) on it. After that, all you need to do is take a shaker, put some milk (in this case not steamed) and sugar (or sweetener) in it. Then go crazy with the shaking. There?s no stopping until you have a creamy foam on top of the liquid. Once that?s done you can pour the contents of the shaker in the glass.

Then you are ready to serve and enjoy it.

Take a look at ?What is Espresso Roast Coffee?? for more info on espresso roast.

This drink tastes mostly like sweet milk and the coffee can barely be felt. If done right, this can even create a slight caramel-like taste which can come as a surprise to anyone who hasn?t had one of these drinks before.

It?s also the perfect choice for those who like coffee but can?t handle the strong flavor and acidity. If you have a child that wants to drink like mommy or daddy, then this can be great for them too, as you can simply use a decaf instant coffee. There will be little to no caffeine in it, plus they will drink a tall glass of milk.

Iced Latte VS Iced Coffee: What's the difference?Iced Latte go-to drink for hot summer days

How to Make an Iced Coffee

Once again, this term is very broad, so there?s no one recipe. When you want to make iced coffee it?s basically a case of ?take the ingredients, put them in a glass and stir?. But here?s one of the most preferred ways:

First, you need to brew some regular coffee (and make it strong, ?cause it is going to be very diluted by the end of it). Optional: add milk or cream. Then drop the ice cubes and sweeten your drink as necessary.

Simple as that. For a more detailed look, check out ?How to Make Iced Coffee at Home?.

This drink is much stronger than an iced coffee though, so it?s likely that you will want to put a tiny bit of milk in it. Also, don?t wait for the ice cubes to completely melt, as you will end up with very diluted coffee and a weird taste.

This drink is for coffee lovers who can stomach the acid and love the bitterness. Keep the recipe in mind on hot summer days. Take a look at ?How to Make Coffee Less Bitter?? in case you?re getting too much of a bitter cup.

Also, take a look at ?What?s the Difference Between Cold Brew & Iced Coffee?? to see more detailed differences.

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Main Differences in Iced Latte vs Iced Coffee


In iced lattes, it?s a necessity that it has to be made with foam, so it becomes creamier. No latte is without milk. (Fun fact: in Latin, the word ?latte? literally means ?milk?.) Grab this milk frother from Amazon.

Check out ?Most Popular Types of Latte Flavors? for more on lattes.

In contrast, iced coffee can be made without milk. It?s only there to dilute the taste, so if you enjoy drinking strong coffee then you can even leave it out. Although many people prefer to make it with milk as it tastes great, that blurs the line between iced coffee and latte.

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Type of Coffee

An iced latte can be made with a shot of espresso or even instant coffee. It?s made for people who don?t want to spend a lot of time brewing and pouring their beverage from one container to another. You can even call it lazy if you want to.

Meanwhile, if you want to drink iced coffee you will need granulate coffee. You will need those beans because no instant coffee will work for this drink. You need to brew actual coffee for this. If you don?t then you?re not actually making iced coffee.

Make sure to check out ?Best Coffee Grinders of 2019? or ?Different Types of Coffee Filters? for tips on your home set up.

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When it comes to iced lattes it only takes a couple of minutes. Ice cubes, coffee, milk, stir, done. End of story.

But iced coffee can take much more time. Did you know that it can take up to 8 hours to blend it? That?s one-third of your day. That?s the amount of time it would take you to sleep a good amount instead of drinking caffeine. It?s insane that someone would take that much time to blend, but some professionals prefer to do it that way. But it can also be made in a couple of minutes, just like a latte. So, you may have to consider making your iced coffee at night and let it settle so it?s ready for you in the morning.

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In the end, all that matters is that you can make a cold coffee in the morning. In the summer it might not be the familiar feeling of the steam hitting your face and fogging up your vision, but it?s the same drink that warms up your heart even if it?s made to be cold.

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Iced Latte VS Iced Coffee: What’s the Difference?

We all love iced drinks, especially in the summer heat when they taste especially sweet. This goes twice for coffee?


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