How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Internship

How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Internship

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Sending out a thank you letter after an internship is a great way of maximizing the professional benefits of your hard work and expressing your gratitude at the same time. Since internships are the first steps one takes towards building a professional network, thanking your coworkers and employers for their guidance and support via a cordial thank you email can help you establish solid professional relations.

A personalized internship thank you card that conveys your heart-felt gratitude to the people at the company could pave the way for a lucrative, full-time position.

Do?s and don?ts of an internship thank you letter

Thank you letters sent at the end of an internship need to be crisp, and should strike a balance between friendliness and professionalism.


  • Highlight what you learned the most during the internship and how it helped you develop professionally and personally.
  • Thank everyone who helped you acquire new skills. This could be in the form of handwritten thank you notes.
  • Show your willingness to be associated with the company in the long run and give your LinkedIn address if you have one or your email address.


  • Do not hard sell yourself. It should not seem that you are thanking your employer only because you want a full-time position.
  • Do not sound negative or express your reservations about the workplace. This is not the time for that.
  • Do not go overboard with the compliments and keep a moderate tone so that you do not come off as superfluous.

Sample Post-Internship Thank You Letter

In case, you feel confused about how to begin writing a thank you note after an internship, we have prepared a sample thank you letter that you can use:



[Full Address]

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms [last name of employer],

I would like to thank you for the highly productive experience that I had during my internship at [name of company] as a [name of department] intern. It was an honor for me to be working with your team and I am highly indebted to you for taking out the time to mentor me.

The skills I learned at [name of company] helped me develop a practical understanding to complement the theoretical knowledge I acquired in college. The workplace culture at [company name] motivated me to do my best and the variety of projects I worked on gave me an insight into the inner workings of the industry.

This internship has helped me in my decision to pursue a career in [field of work]. It will be a pleasure to keep in touch, and seek your guidance as I plan out my career.


Your typed name

Email Address

Phone Number

LinkedIn Address


Did you write a thank you email the last time that you completed an internship? If not, make sure you do so next time.


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