How to view private Instagram

How to view private Instagram

Never-ending stories of Instagram hack

As an Instagram user, you may face many private accounts on this platform. However, you can only see the number of posts, following, number of followers, and also the bio information including the website.

To see the posts you should follow the private Instagram account and if the person accepts your request you can see the pictures and all other posts like IGTV and tags (if any).

Some people might be curious to find out about an Instagram user which their profile is private but they do not want to follow the person, or they have already sent the request but the person has not accepted it yet.

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Are you curious to see the picture of a private account?

Unfortunately, you cannot see the private profile on Instagram in any circumstances. You might see lots of tools, apps, or websites that claim they can help you to see the private profile but all is a lie.

Instagram is now is the second-largest social media and of course, they respect their users’ privacy. Some of the users can store their private pictures, videos, etc on Instagram and except the creator of the account, no one can have access to them.

Even if you hack the account you cannot have it for long, and Instagram will take the account back to its creator.

How to hack Instagram’s private profile?

Sorry to inform you but hacking is no longer works for Instagram. Anyone who has created an account can simply take the account back with the first phone number, or email that they have created the account with.

A couple of weeks ago, someone sent me a message that he is the owner of my account (which has more than 2K followers, and more than 100 posts). Though, I was sure he is not because I had created the account.

I started searching on the internet if he can hack me, and I found that even if someone hacks you on Instagram, you can easily claim through ?Forgotten password? on the app. Instagram will send the security code to the creators? email or phone number.

You can recover the Instagram account only through the creator?s emailRecover Instagram account through the creator?s email or phone number

Though, I was locked for a few hours because I had no access to the phone number nor that email. So, I requested the new Sim, and finally, I could get the verification code and I could log in to my Instagram account.

There, I found Instagram won’t let anyone login when you report your account is hacked, except the creator own the account. One more thing that getting Instagram accounts could be dangerous if you are going to buy an Instagram account. The creator of the account can simply take it back when it gets bigger with a number of fans.

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