How to use HTTP injector on Android FREE Unlimited Internet

How to use HTTP injector on Android FREE Unlimited Internet

How to Use HTTP Injector ? Understanding HTTP Injector is an android application that is used for SSH (Secure Shell) or VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is equipped with a secure Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the SSH account in the application also has a Payload Generator which functions to generate payloads that are used for free internet. In addition there are other supporting tools such as IP Hunter and HOST Checker. IP Hunter to access the original proxy from the operator service operator.

At present http is a lot of injectors to produce free internet. This application can be used for all operators in Indonesia such as Indosat, Telkomsel, axis, XL, Three (3) and others. Of course it requires special arrangements to be able to produce free internet. You need to hide, that each operator has different settings. You can use this application even if your cellphone is not adroid or rooted first.

Here?s how to use the Android HTTP injector:

1. Download the http injector application directly from Playstore, or click here

2. After downloading and installing the http injector application on your android. first look like the picture below

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3. Next we set the payload. For easier use, we use Payload Generator. The trick is to click the menu next to the HTTP Injector. Then select Payload Generator. It looks like the picture below. For the settings we need to fill in as follows:

  • URL / Host: Fill in the operator bug (example for Indosat currently working
  • Request Method: Select CONNECT.
  • Query Method: Select Front Query.
  • Extra Header: select Online Host.

Then click Generate Payload, and the payload will be successfully filled. For remote proxy for Indosat: (according to proxy operator)

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4. Now go to SSH settings. Enter the ssh settings in the side menu written in HTTP Injector. The settings are as below:

  • SSH Host: Fill in the SSH host that you created
  • SSH port: the standard uses 443, but depends on the ssh that you made too
  • Username: fill in the ssh username
  • Password: fill in the ssh password

When it?s finished touch again. To generate a free ssh account

5. Now click Start (Start), to see the connection or not, please open the LOG tab. If connected will appear as below and a key will appear near the network.

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6. If the connection fails please add IP Hunter, to Indosat usually use IP 100 for xl 10. You can also check Google?s DNS to hide bugs.

To make it easier for me to give http injector master config that is not in the lock. You just need to edit the bug and the ssh account that is still active. I made this config with Indosat operator, so for other operators please adjust the proxy.


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