How To Understand Virgo Energy And The Element Of Earth.

How To Understand Virgo Energy And The Element Of Earth.

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You can use the powerful wisdom contained within the energy of the stars of astrology to create the reality you desire when you gain a deeper understanding of which energy does what.

Astrology is a complete occult science that has secret knowledge to empower and uplift you if only you take the time to learn its secrets.

Today you will learn how to understand Virgo energy and the element of Earth.

Within the zodiac there are 12 signs and within those 12 signs are 4 elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

There are 3 Earth signs and the second of those signs is Virgo.

Virgo is the second earth sign that appears in the zodiac.

Virgo is the virgin mother, represented as virgin Mary, the life giver.

Virgo being the life giver also represents mother earth, the green pastures of nature that gives its energies to all those in need and emanates a healing presence.

Virgo is an energy of health.

Virgo emanates the receptivity of the earth element; as the angel of healing, Virgo is sensitive and empathic to all surrounding energies as it is intuitively tapped in to the frequencies of the earth plane.

Virgo?s sensitivity to its environment gives it almost a psychic nature; feeling what others feel, accessing what others think.

As any healer does Virgo energy can sense when something is not right.

Intuitively Virgo is a powerful energy.

Virgo energy is loyal; healing and helping through thick and thin.

You can count on Virgo energy to help when things get rough.

Virgo is a mutable sign.

This means Virgo energy is adaptable to its environment, mutating into the form that is most suitable for the current situation.

Just as any healer has a keen diagnostic eye; Virgo is an analytical energy and has an eye for the finer details.

Virgo energy is as organized as your biological system, never missing a beat.

Virgo energy is hardworking, like all the earth signs, but Virgo energy works diligently towards the perfection of all its ideals.

For Virgo energy there is always something that can be worked upon, improved and perfected.

Virgo has a lower dimension, like all the signs.

Virgo energy lets you in to its healing embrace with love; but when hurt or betrayed will cast you aside as if you never existed.

Nature remembers all and so does Virgo; there will be an effect to match every cause?everytime.

Characteristic of all mutable signs; on the wrong side of Virgo, Virgo will adapt to your non-existence and turn ice cold in an instant.

Virgo energy unbalanced can be over-analytical; critical and judgmental and even overthink things to the point of paralysis.

Virgo can obsess over the most minute details mentally replaying a situation from all angles.

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