How To Understand Gemini Energy And The Element Of Air

How To Understand Gemini Energy And The Element Of Air

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You can use the powerful wisdom contained within the energy of the stars of astrology to create the reality you desire when you gain a deeper understanding of which energy does what.

Astrology is a complete occult science that has secret knowledge to empower and uplift you if only you take the time to learn its secrets.

Today you will learn how to understand Gemini energy and the element of Air.

Within the zodiac there are 12 signs and within those 12 signs are 4 elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

There are 3 Air signs and the first of those signs is Gemini.

Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac.

A mutable sign, Gemini is represented by twins.

Gemini energy represents duality in all things in this realm, the true nature of polarity.

The twin duality means that Gemini energy can transform before your eyes giving you the experience of 2 extremes so polar opposite it is like day and night.

Air signs represent mind, intellect and communication.

Gemini is the supreme conscious mind energy; insatiable in its pursuit for knowledge and new experiences.

Gemini is the ruler of the 3rd house the house of communication.

Gemini energy is masterful in its use of communication in all forms; written, spoken and even understanding.

Gemini energy can be so hungry for new knowledge that it spreads itself thin, studying so many different fields that it becomes a master of none.

Gemini energy can be extremely charming with its masterful use of words casting an alluring spell.

A fun and exciting energy to be around, Gemini energy enjoys exploring, experiencing, learning and communicating.

On the lower dimension, Gemini can be flighty; ungrounded and flitters from 1 thing to the next.

Gemini energy is a master with words and therefore skilled at lying, persuasiveness, coercion, and can hit a sore spot or red button with precision.

When on its higher dimension, Gemini energy happily communicates with bubbly energy, on a lower dimension cuts of your air supply, becoming just as invisible as the air you breath.

Like the air sign it is, Gemini energy likes to keep things light, ever present, never committed and tied down.

Floating from 1 place to the next, from 1 form to another.

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