Trading forex is considered one of the hottest occupations in the financial world these days. There are more and more people trying to get into this field. That?s why today I want to share a how to forex step by step pdf file in order to help beginners know what they need to do when they enter the market.

Download the forex step by step PDF here.

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There are 7 steps in total in the forex step by step PDF:

1. Learn the basics of the market

When you start learning about forex trading, first you need to learn the most basic factors in order to understand how the market works. A great way to learn is to open a demo account so that you can practice trading for free and practice along the way. It can help you remember the basic definitions of funds, equity, entry point, deposit? This is the first step to get used to the forex market.

2. Learn forex trading strategies

There are a ton of forex trading strategies out there in the market for you to choose. You can choose anything that suits you. You can choose trend trading, price action trading, breakout trading at highly volatile periods or your own trading strategy. For your own strategy, you can follow a formula or hire a coder to build your own EA (Expert Advisor). EA is auto-trading program that you code yourself. They can automatically buy or sell whenever they find a signal in the market that matches the signal you put in their codes.

3. Start with demo

Once you have a forex strategy, you should test it with a demo account from the best forex brokers. Demo account is a great way for you to practice the strategy, use the indicators on the price charts, and observe the market to look for trading opportunities for free. They say ?Practice makes perfect.?

4. Test every single thing

Once you have practiced with the demo account, it?s time to test what you learned in real-life conditions. Your trading strategy needs to be tested in real market in order to see the effectiveness of the strategy. Make sure that your strategy can help you find the entry and out point and you can calculate the ideal reward:risk ratio for every order. If you?re scared to lose a lot of money, take your chances with the brokers with the minimum deposit rate. That will help you minimize your losses.

5. Start with small funds

When trading on a demo account, it will be difficult for you to recognize the differences in psychology, and this will cause many obstacles when you start with a real account with relative capital. To minimize the influence of psychological factors in trading, you should be familiar with the smallest account to practice for a solid trading feeling.

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Small accounts like Cent or Micro will help you get used to the feeling of losing real money (if any), as long as you control the thought of suffering when losing money, then only one step into the exclusive area of experienced traders. In normal conditions, if you let your emotions overwhelm your anger after each slip, you will remain in the long-practicing group of traders.

6. Be confident, not cocky

After enough time to practice willpower and a proficient tactic, you can be confident with a standard account to go further on the path of forex trading. You will encounter some differences in psychology when trading in larger volumes, but if you still follow your trading method, everything will gradually be strengthened and then, your trading will not be affected by psychological factors.

7. Keep learning

Experience is the most important factor to creating a successful trader. You can gain experience from trading on real accounts. Always be confident with the trading method you have chosen. After a while, you realize that there is no absolute system that can help you achieve a complete winning ratio. Successful traders are those who apply their trading skills, capital management, risk management and constantly improve weaknesses to achieve the best trading results.

That?s all for the forex step by step pdf. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson today and aware of what to do when entering the forex market.


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