How to Tell if Someone Has a Tinder Profile Without Making a Profile

How to Tell if Someone Has a Tinder Profile Without Making a Profile

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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app and Web application most often used as a dating service, that allows users to use a swiping motion to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) other users, and allows users to chat if both parties like each other (a ?match?).

Information available to users is based on pictures, a short biography, and, optionally, a linked Instagram, Facebook or Spotify account.

Tinder originally required access to a Facebook account of the user of Tinder but, as of 2019?08?17, it allows users to register using a telephone number and without access to a Facebook account.

The dating app was launched in 2012 within a startup incubator called Hatch Labs, a joint venture of IAC and mobile development firm Xtreme Labs. By 2014, Tinder was registering about one billion ?swipes? per day.

Mindlessly swiping on the app has caused many people to swipe left instead of right, and thus, never having a chance to match with the person he or she may like.

I?ve recently written an article which can help those people find someone?s Tinder profile:

How to Find Someone?s Tinder Profile

A guide to help people who accidentally swiped left

I?ve also written on the above article my personal experiences with tinder; I?ve dated two people from the dating app and had a three year relationship with the first, which you can take as proof that it?s system works.

But on this article we are here to talk about:

For those of you who are unaware, Tinder is the world?s most popular dating app. With an approximate user base of 59 million active users. It is the chosen dating app along with Bumble coming in with 37 million active users.

Which app has the most REAL users is impossible to know. Fortunately, these steps will work on both Bumble and Tinder.

Bumble is considered by software development experts to be a more secure platform simply because they do not have a public interface. This essentially stops any and all bot traffic that is unless someone buys a physical phone and figured out another way to interface with the app.

Here are the steps to know if someone has a profile on Tinder or Bumble:

Step 1) Download Tinder and create a fresh account.

This should be an account that is the opposite gender of whoever you are looking for. Make sure you set a reasonable age on the account so that you may fall within the guidelines that your target is looking for.

Step 2) Set your location.

Location is key not only in business, but also when you are trying to find a specific person on Tinder. Ideally, you want to set your app?s location to match your target?s location down to the very address they are swiping at.

Make sure you set your maximum search distance to 1 mile radius so that you get as few matches as possible.

Step 3) Swipe left, not right (This is to avoid hitting Tinder?s rate limit).

You also need to know that only Tinder premium users have the luxury of selecting their location inside of the app and Tinder no longer works with any kind of commercial GPS spoofing apps.

Bumble is a different story. The above steps also work with Bumble but you have to enable mock-locations on your phone, and then set the GPS transceiver to ?Device Only? Mode.

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If you aren?t trying to shell out for a Tinder subscription or do any kind of advanced GPS spoofing tricks that?s okay. There is a website that will do the above procedure for you for Tinder or Bumble.

If you are trying to search Tinder then try Albion Services, and if you are trying to find someone on Bumble then try Buzz Humble.

You can find anyone on Tinder or Bumble using this method or these sites. If you are worried that your spouse is using dating apps but you aren?t sure which one then you may consider an overall private investigation service like Global Max Search.


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