How To Stop Avast From Blocking A Program?

Avast is complete security antivirus software offers the users to keep their PC secured from a number of malicious attacks. Its one module web shield designed especially to scan websites that you visit while browsing the internet and it blocks the website if any threats found. This way, it blocks legitimate websites or else programs. In order to visit a blocked site, you need to first disable Avast antivirus or else need to add a site to its exclusion list. Some websites or programs you want to install may unsafe and your system and the data might be at risk. Also, Avast identifies so-called ?Potentially Unwanted Programs?, which are actually wanted in some cases, and such a so-called ?False-Positives?, means that the program is safe but Avast?s detection is wrong. At that point, you need to stop Avast or disable it for some time until you install your wanted program. To know the process of doing this, simply place a call at Avast Support Number and get united with the technicians hassle-freely. They will give you right direction in a simpler way.

Solution Of The Problem When Avast Is Blocking Specific Website or Program

Follow the below-noted procedures appropriately to perform this task effortlessly. Take a booat the given points:

Add Blocked Program Or Website To Exclusion List To Unblock It

Using the exceptions in Avast you can simply add any file or URL to the list of exclusions and ignore it from scanning and shield protection, therefore also from blocking.

Temporarily Turn-Off Avast Protection

If you want to install or run a program but it?s being blocked by Avast, you need to simply turn off Avast shields for a short period of time. To do it, follow the below given steps:

First of all give a right click on the Avast icon

Now, choose ?Avast shields control? from the list

And then click on any one of the listed option to disable Avast for the time being

Report A False Positive Detection To Avast

We also strongly suggest you to report the detection you believe is a false positive directly to Avast team. They will look into it and eventually confirm the reported file, software, or website is clean.

Dial Avast Support Phone Number For One-Stop Remedy

The above-written steps are relevant for all Windows versions so you can try out without any hurdles. In case you got stuck somewhere while performing these procedure, then place a single call at Avast Support Phone Number to get instant and cost-effective solution.


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