How to stop auto seeding after downloads complete in major torrent software.

How to stop auto seeding after downloads complete in major torrent software.

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How to disable auto-seed in qbittorrent.

How to stop qbittorrent continuing to seed after whatever ratio limit that you want has been reached:

Open the client settings: Select the BitTorrent panel: In Share Ratio Limiting check the box ?[ ] Seed torrents until their ratio reaches; Set the value; Choose the action from Pause them | Remove them

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Press OK to close the client.

If you do not want to seed at all after downloading, set the value to 0. Please note this goes against the basic principles of using a Bittorrent client, but is of course your personal preference.

Please note if you are using a ratio enforcing ?private? tracker, the ratio shown in the client, is not the same ratio as your tracker is reporting or monitoring.

How to Disable Upload (Turn Off Seeding) in uTorrent & bittorrent.

BitTorrent (BT) is one of the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocols used to share and distribute large files and data over the Internet. A BitTorrent client is required to send or receive files, where one of the most popular BitTorrent client is ?Torrent.One prominent feature of BitTorrent P2P protocol is that users of BitTorrent network are automatically uploading and transferring to other downloading peers while they?re downloading the files. As sharing (i.e. uploading) is important feature of BitTorrent to ensure the health of the file distribution network, due to the fact that if nobody seeds, and everybody leeches, the files shared on the BitTorrent will quickly die off.

That?s why the option to disable uploading or seeding in BT client is hard to find, with some BT clients not even provide such an option. uTorrent (Torrent), one of the most popular BitTorrent client does have the ability to stop the seeding and uploads, albeit indirectly. This tutorial guides you on how to turn off seeding and disable the uploads in uTorrent.

Note that you?re considering as bad leecher or freeloader by most BitTorrent trackers if you completely disabled the uploads, which may cause you to be banned from the trackers.

In uTorrent, go to Options -> Preferences.Go to Bandwidth section.Set the maximum update rate (kB/s): [0: unlimited] to 1 (not really necessary, but just in case uploads are still happening, at least the rate is slowest.Set the number of upload slots per torrent to 0.Disable Seeding in uTorrent

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Go to Queuing section.Set the minimum ratio (%) under ?Seeding Goal? to 0.Set the minimum seeding time under ?Seeding Goal? to 0.Set the minimum number of available seeds under ?Seeding Goal? to 0.Select (tick) the check box for limit the upload rate to (kB/s): [0 = stop] under ?When uTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal?, and set its value to 0.Turn Off Uploading in uTorrent

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That?s it. Try to add a torrent and start downloading. you should notice that no data is been uploaded, even though there is still to communication happens.

To disable Vuze automatic seeding:

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Open the Vuze application on your computer. This is in the ?All Programs? menu on Windows and the ?Applications? menu on Mac systems.Click ?Tools? on the top of the screen, then click the ?Options? sub-menu.Click ?Queue? on the left side of the screen, then expand ?Seeding? by pressing the ?+? symbol.Click ?Ignore Rules.?Enter a value of ?0 ?next to the label ?Ignore torrents with seeding ratio over.? This will exclude all files from being seeded.Click ?OK? to save your changes.

Make Deluge Automatically Stop Seeding When Complete

Load up your Deluge web interface which usually runs on port 8112

Click Preferences and in the left pane under Categories choose Queue

Under Seeding change these values to 0: Share Ratio Limit, Share Time Ratio, Seed time (m)

Check Stop seed seeding when share ratio reaches and set to 0

Optionally check Remove torrent when share ratio is reached which removes the torrent from the download list

Click Apply and then Close

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Now Deluge will automatically stop seeding when it completes a download.


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