How To Start Selling Virgin Hair

How To Start Selling Virgin Hair

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Many women & men are interested in selling hair but don?t know where to start. Selling hair extensions is a very lucrative business because it?s a product that is in high demand. There is no limit to success with selling hair, because it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

If you?re only trying to sell hair as a side gig, then I would say just find a great hair vendor, set reasonable prices, and take advantage of free marketing by advertising on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and in your community.

If you are trying to establish a hair business?..

Here are the steps you need to take to get started!

  • Find out what hair texture you want to sell. From my experience, Body Wave, Deep Wave & Silky Straight are the most requested textures. I would say it is best to have a variety of hair to offer your customers.
  • Do you want to sell just bundles? or other pieces? Most women buy bundles in 3?s with a closure, frontal or 360 frontal.
  • Find a vendor. Find a vendor that has a variety of hair textures and pieces, great prices, and quality hair. This is the tricky part of getting started. You want to be extra careful with choosing a vendor. There are many vendors claiming to hair quality hair extensions, but in reality, their hair is worthless. You want to provide your customers with quality hair in order for your business to be successful.
  • How much will you charge? Keep your prices very reasonable. Everyone loves a bargain and if you can offer your customers a bargain and quality hair, then you will surely win them over as returning customers.
  • Think of a name for your company. Keep it professional, because this is your business and your brand.
  • Trade name search. Before making your company name official, you must check to see if there?s another company with that name. Go to Google search and type in (trade name search for your state). If there is not another company with the name you?ve chosen then, you can begin with the next step.
  • Branding your company. Once you have completed the steps above. Now, begin branding your company, with a logo, website address (url), website, business cards, hair tags, hair bags etc.
  • Make your company official. Register your company/name for your state (Google search ?register my business {your state}? and get an EIN (employer identification number) through You can apply for one online or via phone.
  • Start Selling Hair! Now that your business is official you are ready to start selling hair. Launch your website and begin to advertise to everyone and everywhere.

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Advertising your hair business:

  • Social media accounts you must have. Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Youtube. Post on your accounts every day. You want to stay in your follower’s faces, with your products, sales, informative blogs/videos etc. Basically, keep your business relevant.
  • Blogging. Constantly create blogs through,, or Blogging will help to get the word out about your business, products, sales, etc.
  • Advertising in your community. Many people feel more comfortable with purchasing hair that they can actually pick up and have the opportunity to see the quality of the hair before making a purchase. There are some customers that may be nervous about providing their credit card information online. The best ways to advertise to your community is through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, handing out business cards, and going to hair salons. If you decide to visit hair salons, create a spreadsheet of your prices/products and have some hair on hand with a notebook to take orders.
  • Email Marketing. Make sure to have an email sign up form for your customers available on your website. MailChimp is a free and professional marketing platform. This is a great way to keep your customers informed on sales, new products etc.
  • Video Marketing. Make sure to post videos of your hair products, reviews etc. This is a great way of winning over skeptical customers. There are some that will feel more comfortable purchasing hair from you if they could see customer reviews on video, rather than photos.

Now that you know how to get your very own hair extension business established. Get started!

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