How to Measure a Belt?

How to Measure a Belt?

Did you know that a belt is one of the easiest items to measure? Most pieces of clothing and accessories are difficult to measure because they have several angles or stretchy material. For example, a dress can be difficult to measure because, if it?s not laid flat, the material can bunch up and make for inaccurate measurements. Similarly, accessories like hats can be hard to measure because they have several angles that need to be measured carefully. However, belts are straightforward: they are flat, rectangular and oftentimes made out of material that does not wrinkle or crease, like leather, so they lay flat easily. That being said, it is still important that you measure belts accurately. Before we start, make sure to lay your belt on a flat surface to make capturing measurements easier. Here are the simple steps to follow to measure a belt:

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  1. Belt buckle to third belt hole: Place the measuring tape at the far end of the belt buckle and pull across to the third belt hole.
  2. Belt width: Measure the width of the belt by placing the measuring tape above the last belt hole and pulling down to the end of the belt below the last belt hole.
  3. Belt length: Measure from the far end of the belt buckle across to the far end of the belt past all of the belt holes.

Measuring tips:

  • Measure your belt on a flat, solid surface
  • Be sure to measure to the third belt hole to ensure you get the correct measurement


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