How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard

How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard

What is a Van Dyke Beard Styles

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Van Dyke is one of the most elegant facial hair expressions trending now. It?s also known as one of the oldest styles that took place in the 17th century which Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck introduced to the world. As he is the one who made it popular so that this style has been named after him. But don?t worry, you won?t look someone from the ancient period or someone who is backdated wearing this historical beard style. In fact this style can enhance your appearance & make you smarter.

Van Dyke style is actually a combination of mustache & beard, you need to keep both your beard & mustache in case you want to wear this style. The style features a chin goatee with a soul patch. And also a mustache which is not connected to your beard. The interesting thing about this particular facial hair expression is that you have the Independence of choice in case choosing the mustache style. You can wear a Handlebar Mustache, Cowboy Mustache, etc. to fulfill this style. If you want to know more about mustache styles & how to style them then you can check out Best Mustache Styles. But we suggest to wear the natural short scruffy mustache to fulfill the Van Dyke look.

How to Make a Van Dyke Style:

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If you want to follow a Van Dyke style then you must give some efforts to do so. Making this style for the first time by yourself perfectly is a bit tricky. But don?t worry, we are here for you. Just follow these simple steps & have your Van Dyke style. Just take a look.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is grow a scruffy beard along with a mustache for at least 2 to 3 weeks. If you need any help to make your scruffy bears style then you can follow this, What is Scruffy Beard & How to Style It. When you have your scruffy beard then you are ready to style your Van Dyke.

Step 2. For the trimming preparation first, comb your beard thoroughly. If are going to use an electric trimmer then make sure that your face is totally dry. If you want to use a razor then use clear shaving gel or shaving oil so that your beard stays visible. But we recommend to use an electric trimmer.

Step 3. Take your trimmer & start trimming without attaching any comb. Create a line from both sides of mustache sloping downward to your jawline on both sides. Then connect those down-sloping lines along with your neck.

Step 4. Trim off any other beard hair on your cheekbones, neck & sidelines. Don?t let your mustache to be attached to your beard. Look for symmetry to keep your line straight. You also need to keep your soul patch so don?t trim that.

Step 5. Finally, look for perfection. Trim any bushiness that can ruin your Van Dyke. Clean your face & comb again for a perfect look.

Thus you can style your very own Van Dyke at home without any difficulty. Hope these instructions will help you to achieve your new smart & elegant look.

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