How to Get Out of Safe Boot on Mac?

How to Get Out of Safe Boot on Mac?

Mac is a computer operating system for Apple computer. A popular feature of the Mac os is updated a new version called Mac OSX, is a desktop interface.

To Boot Safe Mode:

Step 1: Mac is awake means you have to shut down by selecting the shutdown option from Apple menu or just power on.

Step 2: Again Power on it, after you Mac shut down.

Step 3: If you hear the startup tone, press and hold the shift key.

Step 4: Release shift key when your desktop login screen appears.

To Leave Safe Mode:

? To exit safe mode, restart you Mac (choose Apple menu->shut Down).

? Don?t interrupt the process or hold down the power button to hard-reset your Mac.

Things your Mac does in safe mode:

? If you need to startup disk and attempts to repair directory issues.

? You have to load only few kernel extensions.

? Automatically opening the startup items and login items.

? User installed fonts to be disabled.

? Deleted the unwanted caches like font, kernel and system files.

OS features unavailable in safe mode:

? Your DVD Player application is not playing.

? Some of the video apps are not opening.

? Some of the audio input and output devices is not working.

? Some USB, fire ware devices not be available.

? Wi-Fi networking is limited or unavailable.

? Safe mode in OS X to disable file sharing.

3 ways to start on your Mac in safe mode:

1. Menu bar reads ?Safe Boot?:

? When you are in the login screen, if you are in Safe Mode, at the upper right corner of the screen appears in ?Safe Boot? in red letters.

2. Slower overall performance:

? The Login screen for slower overall performance.

? Loaded the default drivers in the accelerated graphics.

? The Safe mode like watching movies in the DVD player app, capturing to Wi-Fi Networks.

Boot mode in your system information to be ?safe?:

Step 1: Application-> Utilities to open the system information.

Or open in your Apple menu to click the system report button.

Step 2: In your Mac left-hand column, locate and click the software section. Now you can see a couple of items listed on the right side of your system information window.

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If the Boot Mode is listed in ?Safe? now to get out of Safe Boot Mac os in your windows.

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