How To Get Famous On Tik Tok And Get More Likes And Views

How To Get Famous On Tik Tok And Get More Likes And Views

Tik Tok is one of the most downloaded apps of 2019, it has 1 Billion downloads on Google Play store. Do you want to be famous in TikTok? Or You want to get more followers on your TikTok Profile?

How To Get More Views and Likes on Your Videos:

If you want to get more views and likes on your TikTok videos use the following six-point agenda, this is the complete process exposure I use on my Tik Tok Videos and got a lot of exposure. Here is how to use this five-point to make your videos more compiling:

  1. Use an account management service like Reveroo which helps you to cultivate your organic following. I recommend them because of their 3-day free trial which means you can boost your account without having to spend money.
  2. Add Tags to your videos: Add Trending tags to get more views and exposure.
  3. Look Attractive. Whoever you are, look attractive and you will get more likes, more likes on your TikTok videos means more views.
  4. Take Time while Creating Videos: It takes a lot of time to create the best content, take multiple shots, and select the best one.
  5. Share your Short Tik Tok videos on Other social media channels. As TikTok has over 1 Billion Users, there are high chances that the person will land on your page.
  6. Pick up a niche and stick with it. You can?t do everything so better will be to stick with a topic and make videos related to that topic.

If the answer is Yes, Then you found the right article. In this guide, I will discuss all of these things. I will discuss how you can be famous on Tik Tok with these 9 tips. Personally, I really like Tik Tok, I am one of the biggest fans of the top Tik Tok Users and that?s what makes my legs go jelly for being famous and those hearts you get when a girl likes or follows you. Man, I can?t explain it. Someone asked me, Are these famous TikTok-ers professional actors or something? I told them, it requires a lot of hard work to make content that looks nearly perfect and a lot of tips to grow such a following.

A Girl is posing for the Camera, Girls who play the part in Tik Tok App, want to be famous, look attractive.How to be famous on Tik Tok? A Simple Guide, A beautiful girl is posing for the Camera Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

To prepare to write this post I interviewed a person who has more than 1 Million followers on TikTok and according to him and some more people whom I have a meeting with regarding finding out what is the secret of getting more hearts (Likes) and Views and followers on TikTok app? I really like this app and want to know what effect it will create and bring change in the society. I enlisted some of the tips and tricks to get more views and followers on this short video making the app.

To become famous on TikTok, make TikTok videos every single day and make unique content that resonate with your audience. Some TikTokers upload short videos about a specific niche. Funny videos and videos that keep the audience for longer are the ones who get famous on TikTok.

To get famous or to get more views and likes on your TikTok videos one simple way is to take part in TikTok challenges. TikTok challenges are trending and more and more people view your TikTok videos and like it. One of the challenges is ?Fruit Jelly Candy from TIK Tok Hit Or Miss TikTok Challenge?

1. Look Attractive in your Videos:

This is what makes us different. This is what personality matters. The more hot and attractive you look like the more people intend to watch your videos and share it with their friends. According to research ?People who look more attractive can get out of trouble easier than people who are not? Attractive here doesn?t mean that You are fair but anyone can be attractive. Don?t just wake up and start making the video for the Tik Tok. The more you spend time making your short musically or Tik Tok video looking more perfect the more people will like it and share it and these people may follow you. That person who has now more than one Million followers told me ?I personally, follow those people whom I find more attractive and who, I think I can learn from?

2. Collaborate with Famous Tik Tok Users:

This is a super-easy way to get famous on Tik Tok. A person that has 1 Million followers if collaborate with a Tik Tok user with 500K Followers then the chances are that both will benefit from this relationship.

This is a common trait in humans known as ?Mutual Beneficial? which means Both are in Win-Win Situation, no one loses anything. So, try to find people who are making Videos in the same niche as you are making and the chances of getting more followers of yours will be increase 10 Folds. How do you get in contact with Famous TikTok Users? Very difficult question. Follow them, send them a message on Tik Tok, follow them on other social networks, send the message there. Pro-Tip: If those famous users announce a meetup or going to a specific event, try to go there and find them. Ask them whether they will be part of a quick video with you.

3. Add Tags To Your Video(s)

Image for postAdd Tags to your Tik Tok Videos to get more followers and views Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Why Tags are important for Your Tik Tok Videos, here are some of the reasons why you should use Tags in your Videos:

  1. Tags will flair your posts.
  2. People can easily find it.
  3. Some tags are trending, so if you include them then that will mean more reach of your videos.
  4. Easy for people to found your videos in Search.
  5. You can create your own tags and make it a niche. More and more people will search for it.
  6. Alternatively, you can make videos on trending tags too and while uploading you include those tags. For example, tag #TikTokGirl where just girls will upload video in this tag.

For all social media platforms, Tag plays a key role, take the example of Twitter. How many people will actually see your tweet depends upon ?What Type of tags you used? Even on Instagram you add tags based on what is happening in the picture you are uploading too. Try to find Tags are more and more people are searching for and hope you will be found by more people.

4. Tell a Funny Story:

Telling stories is what makes us different from other animals. The more stories you have the more you will know about things and the more easily you can influence people. Try to tell a funny story, as TikTok only allow you to share just 15 Second of Video but if you are a really great storyteller, you can easily transmit your message in those 15 Seconds. Try to be on Point and pre-plan things. Write a script and the body moments you are going to perform during the video.

Make it concise and funny. Most people come to the Internet just for the reason of either getting entertainment and for Information. You are reading this post because you need more information about getting famous on Tik Tok but a person who is watching Funny Cat Videos is more interested in getting entertainment. That?s the whole concept behind why the Internet is still working.

5. Using the ?For You? page

The ?For You? page is the main page of TikTok that allows you to discover new creators and videos that suit your taste. If you are active enough and post quality content routinely, then chances are that you will make it to the page and get yourselves advertised for free.

6. Staying active

Always remember, stay active, and keep posting routinely and your hard work will pay off. You should keep posting quality content. Creating quality content is easy. It is maintaining your quality over time that is hard to do. Most of the famous TikTokers are uploading three to five videos on a daily basis. If you want to feed the Tik Tok algorithm and get more likes and views then you have to be consistent. There are a lot of researches that showed that ?More active you are on a platform, the more followers, views, and likes you get?

7. Using other platforms to your advantage

This is what most YouTubers do, as it is very hard for you to get found on search / discover as a Vlogger so what most YouTubers do is that they try to upload Videos of their Vlogs on Facebook and other social media sites. This gives them exposure to their target Audience and so their YouTube Views and Subscribers increase. You can use the same idea in promoting your TikTok profile and videos. Try to make a Complete Package of your Tik Tok videos and upload it to YouTube, in description give a link to your TikTok Profile, This will helps People to easily find you and follow you without doing any bit of hard work.

  • Connecting other social media profiles to your TikTok that will allow your friends and acquaintances to find you easily on the platform.
  • Getting your content advertised through pages on other platforms.

I hope This Article will help you. You Can Read about 9 more tips and tricks that a Famous Tik Tok user shared with me.

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I hope this article will help you.

Disclosure: Links mentioned in this article are affiliate links and I will make money if someone brought any of the services through these affiliate links.


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