How to Get a Free Chegg Account

How to Get a Free Chegg Account

If you?re a student, then you know just how much textbooks can cost when you need study material. This is why the premium content textbook provider Chegg was formed. Chegg is a membership website that offers study materials and textbooks on a wide variety of different platforms and subjects. The platform itself offers up to 90% off on all textbooks which can save you a ton of money. Chegg also has a pretty great app for getting really cheap books without a premium membership account on Chegg. You can find just about anything on Chegg if you?re a student.

2 Ways to Get A Free Account

Make Sure to Download the Chegg App, Which Is Free

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If you?re not ready to jump the gun on buying a Chegg premium membership, then download the free Chegg app which can be downloaded via an iPhone or Android phone. Once you do, you?ll have access to some of the best content and you?ll get access to a bunch of textbooks.

  • With the free Chegg app, you?ll get access to a 30-minute session of one-on-one tutoring which can be in any topic or subject and you won?t be charged a single penny
  • You?ll get access to textbook rentals to thousands of different textbooks in various courses and subjects
  • There are millions upon millions of different textbook answers available as well, so you?ll get access to those as well
  • If you?re on the go and need to access textbooks in a hurry, you can pull up your phone and get access to free virtual textbooks on Chegg with the free membership app

If that?s not enough, you can also use the Chegg app to get help from live tutors from all over the world. If you need help on any subject or on some difficult homework, Chegg will charge you a small monthly fee for help from experts all around the world. You can cancel your premium Chegg membership at any time.

Free Chegg Coupons & Free Trials

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If you?re not a big fan of the app or don?t want to download anything to your phone, there are also other ways to get free Chegg premium membership and to test out all of the available features for premium members.

  • You can get a 4-week free trial of Chegg study material with absolutely no cost to you. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial at Chegg and you?ll get 4 weeks of free study content and material. After that 4-week trial is up, they will charge you $14.95 a month for access to their content.
  • If you?re in a hurry and need access to certain textbooks, you can sign up to a free Chegg account and you?ll get a free login which will allow you to view certain textbook material for up to 7-days for free. There?s a lot of different titles, so you?ll more than likely find the content that you need.
  • You can get free tutoring online via Chegg with the free trial membership as well. Chegg is nice enough to give you a sneak peak of the tutoring process by giving you 30 minutes of free tutoring. With this free tutoring, you?ll also have access to expert questions and answers from qualified experts in the field.
  • You?ll also have access to scholarships as well. If you need a scholarship, then Chegg is one of your best bets because Chegg scholarships have awarded over $1 billion in awards and scholarships. There?s a lot of different scholarship options available, so if you qualify, apply promptly because a lot of people try to get in on those scholarships.

Why Chegg Free Trial is Good for Students

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Aside from Chegg premium membership accounts and the various benefits associated with Chegg?s free trial accounts, you get access to some of the best leading experts in every subject and field. If you need help on homework, if you need access to study material or you need to find an expert who can give you a breakdown analysis of a certain issue or topic, then look no further than Chegg. Chegg is a one-stop shop for everything learning material related and is a great place to sign up. You should at least take advantage of the free Chegg membership trial account.

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