How to fix the Suddenlink internet not working?

What are the steps to fix the Suddenlink internet issue?

Suddenlink internet users often face the issue of internet connection many times. There are various reasons for the internet issue to occur as sometimes there is server error or any other. If you are using Suddenlink WiFi and your internet is not working fine then you must be wondering about the solutions to fix the Suddenlink internet problem. Further, the steps to fix Suddenlink internet not working issues are given below.

Reset Suddenlink modem and router

First of all restart your Suddenlink WiFi modem

Unplug the Suddenlink modem by pulling out the power cable attached to the cable of your modem

If you also have Suddenlink router then switch out the router also by disconnecting the power cable attached to the router

After this again plug in your Suddenlink modem and wait for few seconds

Plug in the Suddenlink router too and wait for both the devices to restart properly

Once your Suddenlink WiFi devices has restarted properly try to connect to the WiFi and check if Suddenlink internet working or not

Remove coaxial cable

Remove coaxial cable of your modem by unscrewing it.

Clean the coaxial connection available on the back of your modem

Check the coaxial cable copper needle for any damage

Then reconnect the coaxial cable to the modem and recheck internet connection again

Replace Ethernet cable

Check the Ethernet cable you are using with your Suddenlink modem

Replace the Ethernet cable to see if the problem is with the cable or modem

Check Suddenlink internet connection by using different Ethernet cable

If still Suddenlink internet is not working then the problem is with modem

I hope, you have clearly understood the steps to follow if your and able to fix the issue. Contact the Suddenlink customer service team if still, you are not able to fix the Suddenlink internet issue.


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