How to Fix HP Printer Error 61011bed

How to Fix HP Printer Error 61011bed

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Printer is always there to fulfil your printing needs. It is a great hardware but sometimes it may trouble and throw unexpected errors. Few errors are easy to understand and solve but some may need assistance.

Error Description

Out of the commonly faced printer errors, one such error is HP Printer Error 61011bed. This is also printed as ?Printer error 0x61011bed? on your computer screen.

HP printer error 61011bed occurs whenever there is an issue with the printer head. It is also encountered when you trying to align the ink cartridges of your printer.


You might encounter HP printer error 61011bed because of following reasons:

The communication path between the printer and cartridges is not functioning properly

The settings for the printer is changed

Corrupt driver for the communication channel between the computer and the printer


Before following the technical instructions try resolving the HP error 61011bed by using generic solution steps explained below:

1. Open up your printer body and try removing the cartridges of your printer

2. Clean your printer?s head by using a clean cotton (or cotton cloth will also do)

3. While cleaning your printer?s head ensure that there should not be any ink leaking out of your printer

4. Once you are done with the cleaning let the printer dry for some time and try taking out a fresh print.

Even after trying the generic solution you are not able to resolve the issue try the technical solutions described below:

Cartridge re-installation

Try re-installing the cartridges of your printer. Steps to re-install the cartridges are as follows

o Disconnect the USB cable while printer is still on

o Remove the printer cartridges

o Unplug the power cord, and after a wait for a minute re-plug the cord and then turn on the power button

o Wait till you get the ?Insert Cartridge? message. Once you get this message re-install the cartridge. Once you have installed the cartridge close the printer cartridge door

o Your printer might give you a recalibration message, wait till the printer completes its task

o Next, reconnect to USB cable and start your print job

Update Drivers

o Try updating your printer drivers. Before updating ensure you select the correct driver which can establish an uninterrupted communication between your printer and computer. You can either download the driver from the web or can install them through the CD which you get while you purchase your printer

Clean the Registry

o Registry ? is a kind of database that stores all the important information about your hardware and their settings in your machine. This information is often accessed by windows whenever it runs or executes its files. Being the most important part of your Windows you should always ensure that these registries should be damaged or corrupt. Corrupt registry can be the reasons for many of your printer problems. Therefore, it is compulsory to use ?registry cleaner? to get rid of these errors

o You can download the registry cleaner by downloading ?RegAce System Suite?. Install and run this suite in order to clean all your corrupt registry

Scope of services

In situations where the above mentioned solutions are not working for you, contact our HP technical support team for resolutions. We provide 24*7 supports.

You can dial our toll free number to fix any issue regarding HP printer error 64011bed. Our highly skilled technical experts will always guide you with the right solutions.


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