How to Fix HP Laptop Freezing Problem on Windows 10?

How to Fix HP Laptop Freezing Problem on Windows 10?

HP is a well know brand in laptops and computers. While using HP products we face some very common issues Like HP laptop startup freezing, HP laptop hangs on startup. Users can also face some minor issue like HP laptop mouse freezes very often and so read steps below mentioned in the article to troubleshoot Problems with HP Laptop in Windows 10.

How to Fix HP Laptop Freezing issue in Windows 10?

To Fix HP Laptop Freezing Problem users have to check weather windows freezes or Keyboard and mouse is not responding. In freezing problem the there can be either on action on display or the mouse completely in a busy state.

Before User start troubleshooting Check some Conditions.

If BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Seen check, procedure to fix Windows 10 errors. If Computer freezes at different times May be hardware issues are there. If lock up occurs while logging in, after sleeping mode update bios settings.

How to unlock unresponsive computer screen?

To fix HP laptop hangs on startup windows 10, try to disconnect all the connected peripherals except mouse and keyboard, now press alt key + F4, if nothing happens. Press control, shift and esc to open task manager, check for the program not responding end task the program and the system will be working now.

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Update device drivers and settings windows 10 ? The freezing problem can be faced when the drivers definitions are not updated regularly, check for latest updates.

Update Bios for HP ? HP releases Bios updates check for latest update and install if available.

Clean and check air vents for overheating ? If system freezes at random, it can be due to dusty and dirty air passage.

Scan and remove threats ? Still facing the problem you can scan your system for malware or virus attacks, they can also cause lockup situation.

Uninstall Software causing problems ? Check latest updates for every software, check that whether user installed any new software from the day you are facing such problem. Still unable to troubleshoot, contact HP support for HP laptop freezes after startup windows 10.

Fix Windows 10 Freezing issue Using system Restore ? In windows search for system click on system protection in it. Select system restore to the date when the system was working fine. Select and confirm the date and apply the settings, it will restart after successful restore.

Resetting windows problem ? Resetting your PC to factory settings can also resolve your problem.

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After trying these methods, if user still face problem you can contact HP laptop support phone number 1(888) 687?4491 for online help. Our certified team of technicians will take care of HP laptop mouse freezes windows 10. Our team will fix freezing problem in windows 10, you can contact HP Support Number for various other issues affecting your HP computers and laptops.


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