How to fix Facebook marketplace not working?

How to fix Facebook marketplace not working?

Facebook helps the people to connect with each other and Facebook marketplace enables the users to buy and sell their products. It is becoming very popular and millions of people visit, buy or sell in marketplace each month. To go to Marketplace, tap on the shop icon present at the bottom of the Facebook app. Now you can start exploring various products from corners. Many users face the issue of Facebook marketplace not working, that affects their business.

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Facebook Marketplace not working is frustrating for people who depend on it to make their living. There may be various reasons why Facebook marketplace not working

Where you can find the marketplace icon?

Desktop users can look for the Marketplace icon on the left side of the Facebook page. If you are logging in from Android devices, look for the Marketplace icon at the top of the app. The icon will be at the bottom of the app in IOS.

Since Marketplace icon is destructive in nature, you can switch between various devices and platforms easily.

Why marketplace icon is absent sometimes?

There is an unwritten policy of Facebook for marketplace users. If your account was created just two days ago and have not performed anything in it other than accessing the Marketplace, you may be locked out of it purposely.

Steps to access marketplace from the menu

Generally, the Marketplace icon is clearly visible in the Facebook app. But in case you couldn?t find it, don?t assume that the Marketplace is down. It is not like that you have been restricted to access it. In this case, simply try to access it from the menu. Follow these steps to do that:

Launch the Facebook app.

Click on the three-line menu icon.

Go to ?See More? option.

Locate the Marketplace icon and click on it.

As mentioned previously, Facebook marketplace wants accounts to be active. In order to speed up the process of getting access to the Marketplace feature, you can join some buy or sell groups on Facebook.

You can easily join groups anywhere in the world that are connected to the Marketplace. For better results, first look for regional or local groups. This way you will increase your chances to unlock the disappearance of Marketplace icon.

How to deal with Geo and language restrictions

Many times, it also happens that, even if you are Facebook account holder over 10 years, you may not access to Marketplace. In this case, make sure that the Facebook default language is set to English. Select English (US) to be sure.

Second thing is that, your country or location is there in the Marketplace. List of accepted locations can be found with the help of Google. You can even send a request via the Facebook support page. Try to change your location or country to an accepted location.

Users who travel overseas frequently are prone to lose access to the Marketplace. Once you change your Facebook location, the new location data overrides the country data. As a result, you get locked out of the Marketplace.

Update your Facebook app

Updating the app to its newest version also keeps it working smoothly. Go to the Play Store or App Store, and look for the Facebook app. Check to see if there is an update available. Download it if you find any. You will get the access to Marketplace again.

This was all about how to fix Facebook marketplace not working. If still you have any problem, you can take the help of customer support team on their toll-free number.

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