How to fix brother printer printing blank pages.

If your brother printer is not allowing you to print the pages and giving you blank pages in the output. I will share some instructions here to fix the problem.

You can use them to fix the problem of yours.

  1. 1. First of all, you should check the network connection. make sure your computer is able to communicate with the printer without any delay. So send a ping from your computer to the printer. if it shows the succesful ping. then your connection is fine. the problem is something else.
  2. Check the ink label on your printer. may be your printer doesn?t have enough ink to print. that?s why your printer is printing the blank pages. so you need to replace the cartridge and then print something. let?s see if it is working fine or not.
  3. Once you will check ink cartridge settings but still going through blank pages issue. you should uninstall the printer driver from your computer. now download the new driver from the brother?s official website and install it into your computer. your printer will start working fine.

So these are the instructions about how to fix brother printer printing blank pages issue. if you face any kind of other issues with your printer. you need to visit askprob community and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

How to fix brother printer printing blank pages.


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