How to Fix AT&T iPhone with Bad ESN

If you?ve been wanting to buy a used iPhone online that has a bad ESN, perhaps it?s good to know a thing or two about this first because it can save you a lot of trouble and prevent you from wasting your money.

Normally, an iPhone with bad ESN has lower cost or priced below the normal market price. The iPhone?s ESN is the unique identifier of the device. It?s also known as the IMEI which can be found under the iPhone?s Settings, General, About.

An iPhone with bad ESN mean it?s blacklisted and cannot be activated. There are multiple reasons such as billing dispute, switching carrier, reported lost or stolen, service cancellation or has outstanding balance. It?s very common to encounter this.

The iPhone may be blocked on one or all carriers depending on the severity of the issue. You can?t simply switch carrier if the iPhone is not unlocked. Therefore, the only options are to either clean the ESN remotely or get it unlocked for international use.

Carrier blocking method varies but mostly are done on the database. If the status is changed from blocked to unblocked (cleaned), you can activate and use the iPhone normally.

If you?re considering to fix it remotely, go ahead and explore this service here.


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