How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Issue ? Follow this

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Issue ? Follow this

Black screen problems are common with any streaming device that you use. If you are a Fire TV stick user and if you are stuck with errors it is always important to resolve it. As the errors pop up on your streaming device, you will not be able to stream any of your favorite programs or channels that you like Troubleshoot Amazon Fire TV stick black screen problems and to get rid of it below are few tips and tricks.

Reset your streaming device

To start with you can go for a quick device restart and there are soft, hard and factory reset options available Check the network speed. You must have a good speed network connection for streaming and we always suggest you to use the option, wireless to get better output.

Check the cables that you use. Slide all the cables properly if not take out the cable and connect it back again. Scan your streaming device. Start your device scan to ensure that there are no threats or malware that affect your system. Check the power supply make sure that you have enough power supply to use your streaming device.

You have executed all the steps and still, if the errors remain you can try using an alternate streaming device for streaming. Update the device software and firmware. The software?s that you use must be the latest. If not you can try updating the software with the latest version. Fire TV stick Black screen complete Troubleshooting guide will be available on our webpage.

How do I control Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote?

Do you have an Amazon fire stick device? It is easy to control your device with the Alexa Voice Remote.

Would you like to know how to use the remote? Let us explain you the steps in detail to pair the remote

If your device is brand new take it out from the package and you will be provided with the compatible remote model and other accessories.

  • To start with power on your Amazon Fire TV Stick model that you have.
  • Read and understand the pairing instructions and it will be much easy as you proceed.
  • If your remote model is new try inserting the batteries and ensure that the placement is proper.
  • Find the home button on your remote and try pressing and holding it for a while.
  • As you wait for your Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote.

Troubleshoot Amazon Fire TV Stick remote pairing errors

If you are stuck with errors or if you find it difficult to pair the remote let us explain you few tips and tricks that can help you.

  • Always double check to ensure that the remote that use is compatible.
  • Check the seating of the batteries and ensure that it is accurate.
  • Perform a quick restart of your Amazon fire TV stick device and wait until the errors resolved.
  • If the errors still remain you can try using a different remote model.
  • To know more about the steps to pair Amazon Alexa device voice remote model suggest you refer the instructions available on our webpage. Dail the customer support number and we have a team who is certified to answer all your queries right away.


Kodi is a free open-source software which is designed to stream the online contents. With this free software, you can turn every mobile, laptop to stream the online contents. You can?t find this app on the official channel store in the streaming devices. Especially, Kodi has released its newer 18.0 version and you have to follow some steps to get the app. Go through the below steps to install Kodi on amazon firestick.

Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick

Steps to get 18.0 Kodi App

You can install the latest version of 18.0 Kodi by ES explorer/downloader app. Follow the forthcoming steps to install the new version of Kodi on your firestick,

  • In your fireTV home menu, enter the settings option and select the developer options under the ?system? menu.
  • First, turn on the option called ?allow apps from unknown source? to accept the third-party app installation.
  • Now go to the main menu of channel app search and type the app name, either ES explorer/Downloader app.
  • Locate the app, download and install in your firestick. Enter the explorer app and straightaway go to the Tools option.
  • Under the tools, select download manager in the menu.
  • Click the +new option, where you can find the option in the bottom page.
  • Enter this link ? in the path option and finally tap the ?OK? button.
  • Type the ?Kodi? in name option and click the ?download now?.
  • Now your Kodi app files will start to download and install in your firestick.
  • Access the firestick home screen, open the Kodi app and enjoy streaming your favorite channels For more info about downloading steps for Kodi app, contact our team by the toll-free number.

The Ultimate Solution For Fire Stick not Connecting To The Internet

If your Fire Stick is not connecting to internet then it is just like as you are visiting a romantic place but you have neither of your cute girlfriend nor your beautiful wife.

It?s so boring!


It?s real trouble and heart touching feeling for a Fire Stick lover when he wants to have some fun time after being tired of hectic job schedule, but he can not because Fire Stick is not connected to the Internet.

Image for postImage for post

Today, I ?Bryan Cranston? A freelancer tech blogger is gonna to let you know all possible reasons why your Fire Stick is not connecting to the Internet. Also, I am gonna to explain how to connect Amazon Fire Stick to the internet.

Here I am only gonna to cover topics like ?How to connect Amazon Fire Stick with a WiFi and why Fire Stick is not connecting to the WiFi.

In my next blog, I explain about ethernet connection for Fire Stick.

So, What are waiting for!

Let?s get started.

Why Fire Stick connection failure occurs.

The most common reason for Fire Stick connection failure is ?Wrong Credentials?. If you use wrong credentials to make a WiFi connection then you are surely gonna to get nothing.

Reason for Fire Stick not been connected to the internet may never be predicted permanently, and you have to deal with the situation accordingly.

How to connect Fire Stick to the Internet

Let?s see some possible ways to connect WiFi to the Fire TV.

I hope that I may have helped you to know how Fire Stick can be connected to the internet.

You need to follow the path mentioned in the below steps, and you are done.

1. Click the ?Settings? option on your Fire TV, and choose the ?Network? option.

2. Click the ?Play button? or the ?Pause button? on your local internet name.

3. Your network details will open up, and you can check if all credentials are accurate or not. If you find any issue then you can solve the same accordingly.

Alternatively, now you can connect Fire Stick to the internet making the system to forget the network and then trying to reconnect.

For doing so, you just need to follow these steps.

1. Choose the ?Settings? option on your Fire TV Stick.

2. Select the ?Network? option and choose the preferred network.

3. Choose the ?Menu? button to forget network.

4. Now choose select button to confirm.

5. Now your previous Network has been forgotten. Please set up the network again, and connect.

If you wanna to know how to reset the WiFi Router, then here it is

1. Remove the power cord from your wireless router.

2. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then plug back the power cord in.

3. Just wait for 2 mins, and then try reconnecting.

You are done.

I hope that I may have explained you the better way that how to connect WiFi to the Fire Stick.

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Fire Stick Not Connect to WiFi

In my next blog, I will explain about ethernet connection with Fire Stick.

Feel free to ask your queries through the comment box below, and subscribe to my blog to get more interesting information further.

Have a good time 🙂

Is It Possible To Stream With Fire Stick With No Internet Service?

Yes, you can stream with Amazon Fire Stick and without any internet connection. Because there is no such concept that you cannot as it?s a streaming gadget which can be used for making your TV a smart device by getting the capacity of using Amazon Store applications and browsing the internet.

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Amazon Fire Stick Not Connecting To the Internet

The ideology behind this gadget is placed everything on cloud servers and get availability on demand. Well, one thing you are able to do with this is that installing VLC so you can play all downloaded videos on it. In case the mobile has an internet connection you may mirror the mobile screen by allowing the wireless display so you can watch videos on a large screen.

So, you can see that you can stream with Fire Stick not connecting to the internet. By definition, streaming doesn?t need internet service. Basically, streaming service you are talking about is getting the capacity of playing a video on the Fire Stick which is placed on another PC.

You may think about how to stream with no internet connectivity. Suppose you have a DVD collection which you have planned for making a digital copy so you can have its backup. Then you can have the copy placed on a server which possibly has something like Plex Media Server installed. Presently, let?s think that you have installed the Plex Client on the Fire Stick as well. Now technically you can stream from the Plex server to your Plex Client with no internet.

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Amazon fire stick won?t connect to wifi

Plex is also amazing for over the air video streaming. In case you have TV Antenna and Tuner, you can stream live OTA broadcasts which the Plex Media Server chooses to your Fire Stick. Nevertheless, in case you want to know how to stream from the TV service of Amazon with no internet, then we have to say that it?s not possible.

How to connect Ethernet to a rooted Fire TV Stick using a USB Ethernet Adapter?

If you are facing the Fire Stick not connecting to internet then it?s surely a worse condition, but the condition may be more worsed if you have rooted your Fire TV already, and now you are getting that Amazon Fire Stick Won?t Connect to WiFi or the internet. What?s the main problem here is that here in this situation the solution is not as simple as that you generally apply with normal Fire Stick.

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Amazon Fire Stick Won?t Connect to WiFi

Here in this blog, I am covering the topic that how to connect the wired internet to a rooted Fire TV by using a USB Ethernet adapter.

Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will realize how easy it is to do.

Let?s see the process

1. Firstly you need to make sure to use the most compatible USB ethernet adapter. The incompatible adapter won?t work for your Fire TV, and If you use the local USB ethernet adapter then it may not work for a longer time. So, you should always prefer to use the branded USB ethernet adaptor.

2. Now you have to connect the USB Ethernet Adapter to an OTG Cable.

3. Once the previous step is done then you need to connect a wired ethernet cable to the USB Ethernet Adapter.

4. Now you have to connect the OTG Cable to the Fire TV Sick and then to the power supply.

5. Now you need to enable OTG support on the Fire TV Stick. And you?re done!

6. Your Fire TV Stick will automatically find everything and switch to the wired connection. If you want to verify then you can do so by going to the Settings menu and scroll over to System > Network, and you?ll find that it is now listed as a ?Wired? connection.

Whatever I have mentioned above, is the automatic way to connect the Ethernet to the Fire Stick. Sometime, this may not work for you, and your Fire Stick wont connect to WiFi. In such a case, you should apply the manual method. Here it is

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1. Once you have the compatible USB ethernet adapter and the OTG cable, you should connect your OTG Cable to the Fire TV Stick and power it on.

2. Now you need to connect to the Fire Stick through ADB.

3. Now you should enter ADB shell by using the command: adb shell

4. Now, go to the root by running the command: su

5. Once done, then enable OTG support by running the command:echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/bcmpmu_otg_xceiv/host

6. Now connect your USB Ethernet Adapter to the OTG Cable, but you don?t have to connect the Ethernet Cable yet.

7. Now, it?s time to connect the Ethernet Cable to the USB Ethernet Adapter.

8. The Fire TV Stick will get switched to the wired ethernet connection. If you want to verify then you can do so by going to the Settings menu and scroll over to System > Network, and you?ll find that it is now listed as a ?Wired? connection.

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Firestick Not Connecting to Internet

I hope that this blog may have helped you. Now you may have better understand the way to connect the Ethernet to a Fire Stick.

Have a good time 🙂

Best Method To Fix The Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Issue

Follow steps that will guide you to fix the amazon fire stick blank screen issue. First of all, you should make sure that the HDMI cable is connected to the correct input port. You should remove and reconnect the port even if it is already connected.

If your HDMI cable is damaged or if not compatible, you need to use the new one which should work fine, and be well compatible with your Fire TV. You need to ensure that the cable connection is not lost. If there is one, you should fix the same type asap.

The TV set must be compatible with HD or UHD content, and there should be no compatibility issue with the Fire TV. The power adapter or power cord must be well compatible to be used with Fire TV. Also, you should not use the TV USB port as a power port.

If you have not been updated for a long time then you should update Fire TV. If any of the methods you stated have not worked to fix the problem, you need to contact the customer service officers to help fix the problem.

Amazon Fire TV devices often get a wide variety of issues when used. It may freeze or buffer or close on its own. Sometimes users get a blank or black screen on their Fire TV devices while performing the boot function. If you too are experiencing blank screen problems to Fire TV, then you do not have to worry as it is usually a common problem and you can solve it with the help of just a few easy steps.


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