How to Find Your Steam ID? — Here’s a Complete Guide

How to Find Your Steam ID? — Here’s a Complete Guide

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What Does Steam ID Mean

As is well known, Steam ID can be used to identify individual users on Steam. You can be able to change the profile name at any time. However, sometimes you need to enter your Steam ID to work when using some online tools for checking the specific game or overall Steam status.

In addition, the following situations also need you to have a Steam ID on hand.

  • To access those web forums that require you to enter Steam ID.
  • To check the community profiles that are associated with a given user.
  • To report a cheating or inappropriate behavior to Steam, Valve or another platforms.
  • To contest some other account action or an online game ban with Steam or Valve.

Here comes with a question. How to find my Steam ID when encountering the above situations? Now, please keep reading the following context.

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How to Find Your Steam ID

There are 3 effective methods to find your Steam ID. You can find it in the Steam Client or in Team Fortress, or using a Steam ID Look-up tool.

Method 1. Find Steam ID in the Steam Client

The first and simplest method to find Steam is to view your Steam profile. Now, let?s see how to find Steam ID in Steam client.

Step 1. Open the Steam client and login to your account, and then select the View section and click Settings option from context menu.

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Step 2. In the pop-up window, select the Interface option on the left pane and make sure the checkbox for Display Steam URL address when available is checked, and click OK.

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Step 3. Select your username to view the user profile and take a look at the URL bar near the top and voila, Steam ID. If you find a name in the URL instead, it means that you have a custom URL and you need to try another methods to find your Steam ID.

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Method 2. Use a Steam ID Look-up Tool

If the first method fails to find the Steam ID, you can utilize a free tool. The tool cab be able to obtain a Steam ID or the user name from a custom Steam URL. Now, let?s see how to find Steam ID using a look-up tool.

Step 1. Open your web browser and type the in the address bar.

Step 2. Then enter the user name that you use for your custom Steam URL into the text file and click on the Get SteamID button.

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Step 3. Examine the result to check your Steam ID. There are 3 types of SteamID forms. SteamID64 is the most common, but you may also know the SteamID or SteamID3 instead.

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Method 3. Find Steam ID in Team Fortress 2 and Other Games

In addition, you can try the last method to find Steam ID using a game such as Team Fortress 2. This game was made by Valve, and Valve makes Steam. So, you can overlap the user name. The method enables you to see your own SteamID and other players? SteamIDs connected to the same server.

Now, let?s see how to find Steam ID in Team Fortress 2.

Step 1. Launch the game and enable the develop console.

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Step 2. Press the tilde key to open the console.

Step 3. Type status and click on the Submit button.

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Step 4. Navigate to the player that you are interested in and you will find their SteamID in console window.

How to find your Steam ID? The 3 methods have been told to you. Now, its your turn to have a try!

Originally published at on February 17, 2020.


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