How to Find and Defeat the Black Demon/ OSRS Black Demon Slayer Guide 07 — Melee/Range/Magic Setups + Cannon + Wilderness

How to Find and Defeat the Black Demon/ OSRS Black Demon Slayer Guide 07 — Melee/Range/Magic Setups + Cannon + Wilderness


Here is my guide on how to kill black demons in OSRS! I show you how to kill a black demon through various armour setups including melee, melee prayer, range, and magic setups. I also show you how to kill black demons at many locations including the Taverley Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend, Chasm of Fire, and the Edgeville Dungeon (Level 5 wilderness). I hope you enjoy!



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OSRS Black Demon ? How to find and defeat Black Demon

The Black Demon in Old School RuneScape can be a rather intimidating foe. These monsters can appear to be overwhelming at first, but fear not, as these skill guides will help you on your way to find, and ultimately taking down, one of the most notorious beasts in OSRS. They can be found in several locations which we will discuss, but you will also need to know some of the enemy?s background and what items you will need to find them.

You may have come across the likes of the Abyssal Demon or the Jungle Demon on your travels, but some would argue that the blackened powerhouse is more sought after. To kick off the proceedings, we will layout some information that you will need to know going forward.


A Brief Introduction

So, for a bit of background on the Black Demon, you will find that their combat stats level sits at around 172 and 184, which will depend on where you encounter them. They can be a bit deceiving at first glance. Although they?re certainly among the scarier Runescape monsters, they do not possess abilities such as poison, and they have a max hit of 18. What they do have, however, is a rather persistent method of melee attack. It will take some planning to take down them down. They also have a decent attack speed, and a range of attack styles that you need to be wary of ? though their defensive stats are deceptively lower.

Before we get into recommended items to use against the OSRS Black Demon, it might be useful to have a bit of background information on them. They can be found in dungeons in Gielinor, and though they possess high attack stats, they are generally quite susceptible to damage enemies with such high levels as they are. What?s more, if you manage to kill them in The Grand Tree, you will be able to repeat the slayer task in the Nightmare Zone, which will also count towards a Demon Slayer Task if that is what you are going for. On the subject of Slayer info, you can also defeat monsters such as Demonic Gorillas and Balfrug Kreeyath to support this cause. Possibly one of the most important things to remember about the Black Demon is that it can come up with some significant drops. The demon itself will always drop Ashes, but can come up with rare drop tables that cannot be purchased, such as Law Rune and Clue Scroll (Hard) which can only be obtained in the Wilderness and will require you to be wearing a Ring of Wealth.

Key Items

Now that you have an idea of what kind of entity you are facing, we can now discuss what items will be best to take with you. You may have noticed that a common item to come across is Ensouled Head, so you?ll want to find yourself a Soul Bearer. This item can be obtained by completing the Bear Your Soul mini-quest. With the Soul Bearer, you will be able to send Ensouled Heads straight to the bank, which will ultimately save you a lot of inventory space.

OSRS Black Demon Key Items, OSRS GoldImage Credit: Reddit

A key strategy for taking on the OSRS Black Demons is maintaining inventory space, and this can also be aided by a Herb Sack. This will set you back 750 Black Demon Slayer points, but it will be crucial when it comes to keeping your inventory free. This is because the Herb Sack can store several different kinds of Grimy Herbs, so it will prove worthy of parting with your Slayer points.

The next item that you will want to consider taking with you is the Dwarf Multicannon, which you can get your hands on upon completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest. This particular cannon doesn?t work like other items, as it is not equipped by the player, but rather is placed on the ground and fires automatically. After completing the relevant quest, players can purchase the required parts from Nulodion, who?s located south of Ice Mountain for 200,625 coins per part, so be sure to stock up on OSRS Gold if need be!

Also, if you managed to complete the Rum Deal quest, then the Holy Wrench is something that you will want to take with you. The wrench works by adding extra Prayer points for the player when drinking either a prayer potion, a super restore potion or even a Sanfew serum.

Be sure to check out any community forums also if further advice is required on builds, how best to utilize OSRS Gold, and much more. You will eventually discover your own methodology of approaching Old School Runescape and learn the nuances of the builds you like to ultimately make it cater to your personal playstyle. But the most important factor at play when it comes to hunting down the OSRS Black Demon is making sure you are traveling with the correct items. That, and knowing where they can actually be found, of course.

Where to Find the OSRS Black Demon

Slayer Guide: OSRS Black demons location

The Black Demons can be found in a variety of locations, each of which has multiple access points. They are found in a wide range of dungeons and underground caves that will need navigating to reach the demon?s room. Some of these may require you to complete certain tasks and quests beforehand. These tasks range from finding particular items, accessing certain areas beforehand, and more, so keep this thought in mind as you begin your hunt.

The following list will detail the areas in which you will find the foe that you seek, and what you will be required to do in order to gain entry. There?s also a bit of strategy thrown in the mix that will help you to fight smart, so take note!

Taverley Dungeon ? The Black Demon can be found in around five different locations. The first place we will look at is Taverley Dungeon, which can be found just west of the Falador Teleport. You could also create a Taverley Teleport and simply head south, though this will require you to have at least level 10 in construction. Once inside the dungeon, you will want to head south to the Black Demon?s room. This can be found much quicker with agility shortcuts, but you can also head to the Black Knight?s room and receive a Dusty Key after killing black demons an NPC for the Jail Key and promptly talking to the NPC behind the locked door.

OSRS Taverley DungeonImage credit

Once you reach the Black Demon?s room, find a safe spot to save ? preferably one where the room?s inhabitants can?t reach you. As with any battle of this magnitude, make sure to have your potions and prayers at the ready, and get your Dwarf Cannon set up and click for it to start firing automatically.

Brimhaven Dungeon ? This dungeon can be found south-west of Brimhaven itself, and will require you to pay 875 coins for each time that you choose to enter the underground cave. If you want to pay a one-off fee to the NPC Saniboch however, you can do so by paying 1,000,000 coins for unlimited access, so keep your Runescape Gold in mind. There are also a couple of key things that you will require to enter, such as an axe which requires combat level 10 woodcutting, and a further level of 34 to make your way further into the dungeon. You will also need level 12 Agility to surpass the stepping stones in the dungeon. Otherwise, you could be subjected to damage. Your best bet is to take the southern entrance to the revenant cave, as this will bring you out just next to the Black Demon?s room.

OSRS Brimhaven DungeonImage Credit:

To overcome the Black Demon here, make sure to have an anti-dragon shield equipped to help you make your way passed the (you guessed it right) dragon spears that are located here, and as you did so with the previous dungeon, find a corner spot that is safe enough for you to hit save. Once again, keep out of reach and drop your cannon, and remember to keep your quick prayers and potions handy and you will be good to go!

Catacombs of Kourend ? The first thing you will notice about the Catacombs is the sheer size of it. The main entrance to the area can be discovered via the courtyard of Kourend Castle, where you can check out the statue of King Rada I. To get here, you should complete the Architectural Alliance mini quest, which will give you Xeric?s talisman. This talisman has an ability known as Xeric?s Heart, which can teleport you straight to the statue. There are other ways of reaching it, however, such as by using a portal chamber or nexus near your house which can be attuned to Kourend Castle.

Once inside, the Black Demon?s room is located just North-East of the dungeon?s main entrance. After reaching the room, turn on your quick prayers, consume your potions, find a safe corner to save it once more. In this case, you can find a respite from enemies around the top of the room to the right. Repeat the same tactic as before, though if you take too long the Black Demons may stop attacking you. This can be fixed by simply leaving the room to the left and coming back in. Once you do this, they should regain their original aggressiveness.

Chasm of Fire ? Nestled in the north-western area of Shayzien, the Chasm of Fire is another dungeon that has a number of entry points. The Xeric?s talisman, for example, can be used here once again. Use it to teleport yourself over to Xeric?s Lookout. From there, simply run west and slightly to the north and you should reach it. Alternatively, the fairy ring code D.J.R will put you just below the Chasm on the right-hand side, or if you have completed the Tale of the Righteous, you can use Kharedst?s memoirs to navigate to the Graveyard of Heroes.

Reaching the Black Demon?s room requires you to follow the path, click on the rope, and simply traverse the chasm?s path round. When you reach it, you will see a staggering collection of rocks lying around at the top part of the room, which provides you with a safe area to save. What?s more, this is a great area for you to drop your cannon since the demons cannot reach you, so simply lay it down and start attacking them.

Edgeville Dungeon ? Before we get into where this dungeon is located, in the Wilderness, so it is worth mentioning that other players can attack you here. So for your sake, do be careful. To find the dungeon, you will need to locate a trapdoor found south of Edgeville bank, or there is a locked shed also to the left of Cooks? Guild which requires a Brass Key to open. Also, keep in mind that the northern area of the dungeon is for OSRS members only, while the bottom area is free-to-play.

Around the southern central area of the dungeon is where you will find the lair of the Black Demon. If you are opting for the safe-spotting method of taking down the demons, you will want to head to the top-right area of the room, as there are a couple of structures that will make it difficult for you to be hit there. If you prefer a more melee approach, however, simply head to the center of the room, just remember to have potions and quick prayers at the ready and switch auto-retaliate on.

Now that you have an idea of where to find the OSRS Black Demons, you are ready to take the fight to the hallowed dungeons that await you. The scary jet black demon won?t be any match for an Old School RuneScape player such as yourself, so long as you are cautious and take the necessary preparations required before heading into battle. So slap on your Slayer helmet, pump up your attack speed, and reap the rewards of victory!

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