How to fake location on tinder.

It all started with me trying to figure out what companies like google use to track you.

How does Google know where I am?

Whenever I open the Google Maps app on my Android mobile phone, Google always seems to know my location, and it is very?

So the next thing to know was could i use that to fake my location on tinder.

Here?s what i found out.

  1. So basically google primarily (as far as we know of) uses GPS coordinates and WIFI access points near you to paint a picture of where exactly you are.
  2. You could fake both of those things, but here is the thing tinder also knows about it and can detect when you fake GPS coordinates.

Here is a bonus-

You could actually get your GPS coordinates if you pass wifi access point names and how far from you, they are to google maps API and they will tell you your gps coordinates.

Coming back to faking location and swiping on any country you want.


  1. Uninstall tinder app.If they have code execution on your mobile.You would have to root android then do a lot of fixes to fake GPS.
  2. Go to on google chrome,instead because google chrome uses the data from GPS to locate you instead of wifi access points.
  3. Install any GPS faker from android.I use this

Fake GPS location – Apps on Google Play

Teleport your phone to any place in the world with two clicks! This app sets up fake GPS location so every other app in?

4.Before you load up tinder set the location you want and don?t keep changing it and make sure that fake GPS is working by going to google maps.


5.I have tried it on android but the premise should work everywhere.

P.S I also know of another method to do it in firefox that uses firefox inbuilt parameters to fake location but too lazy to write it up.Lemme know in comments if you want it.


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