How to extract your personal Samsung Health data

How to extract your personal Samsung Health data

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This article is a short tutorial for all you self-trackers who want to see and play around with your personal Samsung Health data.

If you have a Samsung mobile phone, you are probably familiar with the ?Samsung Health? app that comes preinstalled with it.

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When activated, the app collects data about your activity in different ways using different sensors. Some attributes gathered automatically and some you need to input manually.

Me, as a mega self-tracking geek, who wants to collect even more data and do it more efficiently and quickly, also have a Samsung S2 classic watch that I wear almost 24 hours a day. Except when It?s charging of-course.

Expert tip: To reduce the time I?m not wearing the watch, I remove it for charging every time I take a shower. This is an excellent time to take it off, as this version is not water resistant.

What data can the app collect?

  • It counts your steps. (Automatic)
  • It shows you your active time. (Automatic)
  • It can track your weight. (Manually or using some external device)
  • It tracks your water and caffeine intake. (Manually)
  • It can record your sleep time and efficiency. (Manually or using some external device)

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Because I wear my Samsung S2 watch while I sleep, It also works as a sleep monitoring device and collects my sleep activity automatically.Other metrics like Caffeine consumption and Water intake I record manually.Although I?m using my smartwatch and not the app on my phone to record every cup of coffee I drink, It?s still not an easy task to make this manual recording process into a habit.

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So how do you get your hands on this precious and exciting data?

  1. From Samsung Health app main screen, tap the 3 dots top right kebab menu
  2. tap the SETTINGS option
  3. Scroll down to Data section and tap DOWNLOAD PERSONAL DATA
  4. Tap DOWNLOAD.

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When complete ? it tells you where it was downloaded to. Probably it will be in ?My Files > Internal storage > Samsung Health > Download > samsunghealth_<YOUR USER NAME>_201901032259?

From this point, you can get the files in any way you like. Here is my favorite way:

  1. Use My Files app to browse to that location
  2. Select the folder (Long press)
  3. Tap the 3 dots top right kebab menu and select Zip to put it all in one file
  4. Select the created Zip file and tap SHARE to share it with yourself via E-mail or save it to your google drive or any other sharing method you use.
  5. Unzip the file on your computer, and here you go. 19 CSV files with all your data ? one per attribute.

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This is not the END; It?s Just the Beginning.

You also get a folder with a very very very big amount of JSON files, where you have more data to play with.In some of the CSV files, you get some processed data, like in ?

however, you can see the full readings in JSON format one per every day in the ?jsons? folder.

How do I use some of the data about myself?

One cool project I?m working on for quite a while is a dashboard web application that shows more insights about my coffee consumption habits.You can read more about this project here:

I drank 1000 cups of coffee, Here is what I learned ??

I love tracking data about myself.
Recently I heard of the term ?self-trackers?, I adopted it as one of the things?

Also, I created an open-source project that lets you extract your data from the coffee consumption CSV file. (You are welcome to contribute your lines of code to improve it)


Small node.js script to extract statistics about your coffee intake from exported Samsung Health App?

An idea I had once is to cross geolocation data I extracted about myself from Google Maps (Tutorial on how to do is coming soon) with dates and time I drank each coffee cup and show all the countries and cities I drank coffee in.

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Have any interesting/crazy ideas to what you can do with the data?Please leave your comments below or through my Twitter.

This article is a part of the Self-tracking serries.

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