How to Enable Developer Mode on Your iPhone

How to Enable Developer Mode on Your iPhone

By using developer mode, you can control the iPhone, install a custom ROM, software or turn on the USB debugging feature. You can turn on the Developer mode in the iPhone settings through the Mac and also with the Xcode application. Here?s how to enable developer mode on your iPhone.

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Steps to Download Xcode to Mac

? Go to the browsing software on the system. You have to start downloading the Apple Xcode application on the system before using the developer options on the iPhone.

? You can download Xcode application on the Mac only. This application can only be used in the Mac.

? Open Apple?s Developer Downloads webpage.

? Log in by entering the Apple ID and registered password. Type the email address and a protected password registered with the Apple to login into the developer window.

? In case you have not already logged in by entering the email address and password linked with the Apple, then you have to type the confirmation code.

? You can also use this code on the iPhone and another device on which you are logged in with the Apple ID.

? Tap on the Download option near the Xcode application. Below the title ?Release Software? option, press on the Download option given near the Xcode release notes.

? After that, you will get the preview webpage of the App store on the new page.

? Press on the View in Mac App Store option. You will find this option on the right-hand side under the Xcode application symbol located on the left column of the browsing software window.

? Tap on the Open App Store option given in the drop-down list. You will get the Xcode application in the App Store window.

? Press on the Get button. It is the button located under the Xcode symbol given in the top left-hand side of the App Store screen. The Install App option changes into an olive color.

? Tap on the Install App option.

Steps to Enable Xcode to Mac

? Launch the Xcode application installed on the Mac.

? Connect the iPhone to the Mac. By using Universal Serial Bus cable, you can pair the iPhone to the Mac.

? Go to the Settings application located on the Home screen of the iPhone. It resembles a silver gear symbol on the iPhone display

? Go down and click on the Developer option.

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