How To Embed RSS Feed Widget On Website

How To Embed RSS Feed Widget On Website

Instead of laboriously submitting your homepage with your news, you can also rely on the professional help of news providers ? by integrating their RSS feed. These feeds are now so abundant, and the associated technology is so simple that you can embed it on your website with practically no HTML knowledge.

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What are RSS feeds?

The magic word for this technique is to feed and means feed or feed. There are currently two common formats, namely RSS ( Really Simple Syndication ) or ATOM. In both cases, these are XML files whose formats are standardized. This enables them to be processed automatically.

The result of the processing is typically a list-like display of information snippets that lead to more details via an integrated link.

There are two ways to use feeds:

  • Your browser can also work as a feed reader, meaning that such feeds can be read directly. Then you can subscribe to such a feed directly for yourself.
  • Or you can embed RSS feeds widget on your website; then, readers can use any browser.

How do you show feeds on your website?

Regardless of this, you still have the second option, namely to include feeds on your homepage. So that you don?t have to program this yourself, there are plenty of providers here who provide the necessary technology. You only have to enter the source URL of the feed and copy the generated HTML code into your website.

You can see how easy it is using the Taggbox Widget.

Steps to embed RSS feed widget using Taggbox Widget.

  1. Login or Signup to Taggbox account(Start 14 days free Trial).
  2. Create a RSS feed widget using .xml url.
  3. Generate the embed code.
  4. Paste the generated code at the backend of your website.

The feed is appropriately integrated on the website.


It?s really easy to keep your websites up to date with feeds. With a feed-capable browser, you can also benefit from the advantages of feed technology yourself.


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