How to Deliver Postmates on Bike

How to Deliver Postmates on Bike

Yes! It is possible to deliver for Postmates on bicycle (or even walking).

Though most markets aren?t ideal for bicycle, the courier app is set up so that you can select bicycle as your method of transportation.

Bicycle delivery presents some incredible advantages to the courier:

Exercise while working!

No paying for parking!

Eco-friendly delivery!

In the South Bay, there are at least 3 areas where cycling is advantageous ? Santana Row, downtown San Jose, the Pruneyard.

Here?s how to get started.

  1. Sign up for Postmates. (email [email protected] for referal bonus, $100 at the moment of this writing).
  2. Your application may require that you sign up with a different vehicle. It?s okay ? you can change this later! If bicycle is not an option, sign up as a scooter driver and / or car driver.
  3. Once you get the Fleet app, change your delivery vehicle to bicycle. This will limit the range of your deliveries.

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  1. Get yourself some good panniers. It can be amazing how much you can fit into good saddle bags.

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