How To Convince Your Parents To Get You An iPhone

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You An iPhone

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Steps to Convince Your Parents

  1. Assess your parents. Casually drop the idea in a conversation, say something like, ?Emily sure was lucky she had a cell phone at that party or she?d have been stuck there all night.? Drop some hints you might like one. If there is a reaction or an agreement, then all is good. If not, identify the problem parent. If both parents are opposed, then there is little you can do. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50
  2. Let us assume that one parent is opposed and the other is either neutral or on like it?s stabbing yourself with an icicle.
  • You need one to coordinate events with your parents, pickups, friends coming over, study sessions, etc.
  • Whenever you find yourself in a situation where having a cell phone would be a major advantage, casually and calmly drop a hint about it. ?it sure would be nice if I had my own cell phone right about now??

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  • Have a calm and mature attitude about this.
  • Go for the prepaid phone plans like Virgin Mobile, Kajeet or Tracfone. Parents will probably be more likely to spring for plans that eliminate running up a huge bill. True, they may not be the coolest or nicest phones, but, hey, isn?t it better than not having a phone?
  • Any Verizon phone is compatible with their Pre-Pay plan. If other pre-pay services do not offer the phone for you, consider Verizon?s prepay.
  • Your parents may offer to get you a FireFly, or JitterBug. While the latter is for older adults, a cell phone is better than nothing, and you can always negotiate a better phone a couple of months into the future. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50
  • Tell your parents you feel left out because you can?t go places with your friends.
  • If your parents decide to get you a phone, offer to pay for the phone or part of the bill. This will most likely make them realize that you are mature and responsible and that they made the right choice.
  • Take very good care of your phone if you get it, even if it isn?t the most expensive or cool phone ever. If you aren?t careful, you could end back where you started, and your parents will see that you weren?t mature enough for the responsibility if you lose your phone or break it.
  • Respect your parents’ decisions and restrictions when it comes to texting, etc.
  • They may let you have it if you pay towards a portion of it. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50
  • There are some very good reasons that you shouldn?t get a cell phone that your parents will come up with and some very good ways for you to argue with those reasons. Here are a few:
  • Q: Whatever parties you?ll be going to will be at your friend?s house. Don?t they have a landline?
  • A: Your friend asks ?Don?t you have a cell phone?? as you are walking towards the regular phone.
  • Q: Embarassing not to have a cell phone? What horrible names will they call you if they find out that you don?t own one?
  • A: Geek, Baby, Hobo, etc.
  • Q: How many generations survived without cell phones?
  • A: Many generations? without as many drugs, gangs, and(if your mom is the dissenting one) violence inspired by TV and videogames. (She can?t disagree.)
  • If they say ?you don?t need one. There?s bound to be a phone where ever you go.? say something like ?where? payphones are practically extinct now! when was the last time you saw one this year??
  • As a last resort, offer to change your ways (trust me it?s worth it). Offer to do more things for your parents: chores, eating whatever they serve for dinner, practicing an instrument that you don?t practice enough, just think of things your parents want from you that you don?t give them. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50
  • Another last resort is to rack up the bill by texting on your parents? phones a lot and offer to have them get the unlimited texting plan and add you to their plan while still saving money. For example, if you have a two-line plan on Verizon without unlimited texting for 1400 minutes, get the bill to 125 bucks. Find an excuse, as your friends texted you, you didn?t text them. If your parents tell you to tell them to stop texting you, tell your friends to text you a little more. This will prove that you need an unlimited texting plan, and if you combine this with the previous last resort, you will almost definitely get a cellphone.
  • Your parents might want to get you a cheap cellphone like at $49.99. Try asking for one for your birthday. If your parents don?t have enough money to get one for your birthday, try waiting for Christmas. If you ask ?Mom, can I have a cellphone for Christmas?? and they say no, and you don?t throw a fit, then they may think you?re mature enough for one, and will get you one for Christmas. If they only give you a cellphone under any conditions, just follow them! At least you get what you want. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50


  • Don?t go too far asking because your parents might have financial problems
  • There are other valid reasons for kids not to get phones. Many kids do not need them, and dissenting parents generally make good points.
  • Stay calm and don?t beg, whine, or remind them every day about how BADLY you want one.
  • Please, don?t whine or throw a fit! That will only make your parents think you are not responsible enough to have a cell phone. Instead, gently state you’re good reasons.
  • There are many reasons for middle school and junior high school students don?t need them. The claims that if the school bus were stranded are not very sound. If a school bus breaks down, the school would get sued if anyone was stranded. Normal school district procedure includes having the bus driver contact the school via CB radio and asking for another bus. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50
  • If you try to play the major embarrassment card, your parents may think you only want the cell phone as a social toy, not a real tool.
  • If your town does not have any payphones, or very few, this can be used as a key point in the argument. Don?t make it too obvious, otherwise, your parents will just lend you theirs.
  • FYI, sulking about not having one won?t do you any good. Act mature about it and maybe they will realize that you are mature enough to handle a cell phone.
  • Do NOT take your phone to school unless it?s important and it?s okay with your teacher in case if the bus breaks down or if you need something from home and your parents are deaf and you need to text message them. If you need to, tell your teacher that your parent that is at home is deaf and only texts people. It?s a very good reason.
  • Promise that you won?t go over the limit and keep that promise!
  • If you do go over the limit for texting or minutes, insist that you pay the extra money!

Things You?ll Need

  • A mature and calm attitude and determination- this means no ?mommy! daddy! you?re treating me like a baby! I hate you! I?m never ever ever ever ever ever talking to you again!!!?- this will only make things worse. Claim Your Free Prize Worth $50
  • Good friends to support you whenever the topic comes up with your parents and they are there.

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