How to Clone & Host a Website

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First thing is first! Go and download HTTrack!

HTTrack takes any website and makes a copy to your hard drive. This can be useful for searching for data on websites offline, gathering information useful for social engineering, or maybe even for replicating someones website and using it as a template page of your own. After extracting HTML and CSS from serveral sites one night I ended up hanging out with my friend Dan the Man and he and I began to edit the HTML, & CSS files occasionally taking breaks but before we knew it we had our own customized Webpage not only working on our system locally but also running on as well! Check it out! ? ? . Follow the steps below and follow our Blogs for more Swag! ? ? ? ?

The following tutorial will explain how to clone a website and then host it as your own website online for free!

  1. Find a website suitable for cloning.
  2. Open up a terminal and clone website using httrack.
  3. Open you favorite Sublime Text Editor and navigate to whatever folder you specified when you were using httrack to clone the html and css in.
  4. After you edit necessary files open terminal and navigate back into where the cloned files are and launch a local webserver.
  5. I launched a python webserver by typing: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080.
  6. Next go to a browser and type in localhost:8080 to see if the cloned page works locally first.
  7. If everything checks out okay locally the next step is to open up a browser and navigate to
  8. If you haven?t already create an account and then open up a new repository.
  9. Name this repository your specific username then type in behind it example; ?
  10. Update a Readme and then clone the repo to your desktop.
  11. Edit the necessary cloned files that we got from httrack and then push these changes onto your new repository.
  12. Wait about ten minutes the go to and your page should be running!

Thanks for reading! Comments? Question?

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