How to become eligible for Delta Airlines Bereavement Fares?

How to become eligible for Delta Airlines Bereavement Fares?

If you need to make an emergency flight ticket booking, Delta Airlines Bereavement Policy would let you do so and offer special discounted bereavement fares. Delta Airlines lets passengers travel to a funeral to mourn the death of an imminent or immediate family member. For this purpose, some airlines like Delta offer bereavement fares for such last-minute flight ticket bookings.

Last-minute flight ticket fares can be higher when purchased from the airline’s website. However, for emergency travels, airlines offer discounts to passengers for travel purposes.

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The eligibility criterion for availing Delta Airlines Bereavement Fares:

Delta bereavement fare is applicable only when death is of an immediate family member. The immediate family member is adopted/great/step/half/in-law versions of parents, child, spouse, grandchild, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, sibling, domestic partner, etc. Delta bereavement fare is applicable to both domestic and international travelers, just that you need to be a member of the free SkyMiles rewards program offered by Delta airlines. As per Delta Airlines’ bereavement policy, no minimum or maximum stay is required.

When am I Ineligible for availing Bereavement fare?

You become ineligible for bereavement fare if you are traveling for non-life-threatening routine or emergency surgeries or if you are terminally ill and are traveling to a medical facility. Bereavement fare is also not applicable in conditions when you are going to visit terminally ill relatives.

Information required for coming under Delta Airlines Bereavement Policy-

You need to provide the name of the deceased person, relationship with that person, name of hospice, a funeral home or hospital and also the name of attending doctor, whenever applicable to the airline company. Providing this information would help the airlines offer you bereavement fares for emergency travel under Delta Airlines bereavement fare policy

How to make delta flight emergency ticket booking-

You have to directly dial delta airlines to book your ticket under the bereavement fare scheme offered by the company. You can also call a travel agency for helping you out with the booking. You have to call the customer support desk, and inform them of your situation, provide them with relevant information and they would guide you through the process of booking delta flight emergency tickets.

Flexibility is offered wherein you can change the schedule of your return or outbound ticket and Delta Airlines would waive the service charge. You need to pay the difference in fare, though.

You need to be careful while booking bereavement flights. Delta might be offering flights at lower prices on its official website than under the bereavement fare scheme. Make sure to check regular fares, before booking a bereavement flight ticket.

Thus, if you want to travel immediately to a funeral or to mourn the death of a loved one, fret not! Delta airlines have you covered under Delta Airlines bereavement policy. Specially negotiated fares would be provided to you for this purpose. For further information about bereavement fares or to book, cancel or ask about flight tickets refund, please call us on +1-(855)-737?8707 and we would make the entire process very swift and efficient.


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