How to Apply First Premier Bank Credit Card Online?

How to Apply First Premier Bank Credit Card Online?

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First Premier Bank offers to the pre-selected Mail Offer recipients as well as the consumers with less than perfect credit and looking for a credit card to apply for a First Premier Bank Mastercard Credit Card online. And upon approval sign up for Online Access to access and manage the card account and also take other advantages of the service over the web securely, conveniently.

First Premier Bank credit card is perfect for all types of customers especially ones with bad credits due to some unexpected life events like illness, divorce, loss of a job or other tough circumstances and still creditworthy. First Premier gives them the opportunity to make responsible use of the card and develop better credit habits.

How to Respond First Premier Bank Credit Card Mail Offer Online

First Premier Bank Credit Card Online Application process is quick, easy and secure. You can do it with a valid Confirmation Number if you received a mail offer from First PREMIER Bank. In order to respond to the pre-screened offer and apply for a First Premier Bank Platinum Mastercard Credit Card online, have the invitation letter handy and then you can take the following steps provided below.

  • Visit
  • Scroll down and click the ?APPLY TODAY? link from the ?APPLY NOW? box on the right middle of the homepage.

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  • Navigate to the ?ACCEPT MAIL OFFER? area at the left and enter the Confirmation Number you received in the mail.
  • Click on the ?Apply Now? button to start the application procedure.

If you cannot find your confirmation code in the offer letter you will be required to click the link next to ?Don?t have your confirmation number?? below the ?Apply Now? button and submit the requested information such as Name, Address, Apt No., City, State, Zip Code, and Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number that will search First Premier Bank Database to check if you are sent an offer from them in the last 8 weeks.

How to Apply for First Premier Bank Credit Card Online

Not able to find a mailed offer that matches the information you have given or never receive any such Mail Offer? You will still have the opportunity to apply for a First PREMIER Bank Credit Card. For that, all you need to go to the First Premier Bank Card official website, and click on the ?APPLY TODAY? link, the third box of ?APPLY NOW? found on the right middle of the webpage.

You will be directed to the Landing Page of First Premier Bank Credit Card where you have to click on the ?APPLY NOW? button under ?APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD? at the left to fill out an online form and initiate the application with the information listed below.

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  • First Name
  • Middle Initials
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Apt Number
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Time at residence
  • Residence Type (Rent/Own/Other)
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Account type (Checking, Checking, and Savings or Neither)
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address

Select the checkbox to certify that you have read and agree to accept electronically First PREMIER Bank?s and click the ?Continue? button to proceed with the application.

Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the entire procedure. After submitting the application generally, you receive a response in as little as 60 seconds. If unfortunately, you have not received an immediate response of your approval, you may have to wait from 48 hours to 7?10 business days for your application request to be a processed process.

First Premier Bank Mastercard Benefits

Upon applying for a First Premier Bank Credit Card and if approved, you will enjoy the available offers and benefits such as

  • Free Quarterly FICO Score with the monthly billing statement
  • PREMIER Credit Manager for Experian Credit Report and VantageScore twice-monthly plus daily monitoring and alert messages for key changes of your Experian Credit Report.
  • PREMIER Auto Pay free payment service to make your monthly payments automatically to let you not miss the due date of the payment.
  • Electronic Statement and Letters to simplify your life and avoid additional trips to the mailbox.
  • First Premier Bank Money Basics Interactive Module to understand the key financial concept and help you make a better money management decision.
  • Real-time credit card free text or email alerts on mobile phones to email addresses.
  • PREMIER Credit Protection for unexpected payment assistance in qualifying events of involuntary unemployment, disability, unpaid family leave, hospitalization and loss of life.
  • Access and monitor the card account online or with the mobile app anywhere anytime.

First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Online Access

The existing and the new members of First PREMIER Credit Card can enroll for online access and set up their online account to get more control of their card activities and enjoy all the cardholder benefits such as

  • View current balance and available credit
  • Sign up for electronic statements to view, print or download them easily
  • Track transaction history
  • Make payments online
  • Set up payment reminders with free text or email alerts
  • Request a credit limit increase
  • Add or remove additional cardholders
  • Link accounts more than one if you have two credit cards and much more

How to Enroll First Premier Bank Credit Card Online Account

To register and set up your First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Online Account and access all those benefits mentioned above, you may follow the guide provided below.

  • Visit
  • Click the ?ENROLL? link from the top of the home page

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  • Enter the Account Number and Social Security Number in their respective fields.
  • Click the ?Continue? button to proceed.
  • Create an 8?12 characters long username with no symbol and no space.
  • Then create a-12 characters long password containing at least one letter and one number
  • Accept the terms of use of the website and request a Passcode in your phone number or email address on your account
  • Enter the passcode once you receive it into its specific field.
  • Re-enter the password you have just created and select either private or public computer.
  • Click on the ?Continue? button to access your First Premier Bank Credit Card Online Account.

How to Log In First Premier Bank Credit Card Online Account

Once the enrollment is done and your First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Online Account is successfully created, you can log in to the card account online from anywhere 24/7. For logging in,

  • Go to
  • Fill out the Username and Password fields located at the top of the page

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  • Click the ?Sign In? button next to the entry fields to access your card account information.

Note that, if you are using a new browser or device or have recently cleared the cookies, you may need a new passcode to enter for verification. Select to receive the passcode via text message, phone call, or email to a phone number or email address on file.

How to Recover First Premier Bank Credit Card Online Account Login Info

The First Premier Bank Credit Card Online Account users, who forgot their login credentials, will be required to do the following steps to retrieve their username or reset the password.

  • Click the ?Forgot Username/Password? link below the ?Sign In? button
  • Enter the First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Account Number and Social Security Number of the primary account holder
  • Click on the ?Forgot Username? button or ?Forgot Password? button which one is applicable for you.

Go through the process as you will be prompted with the instructions on the screen. If you are still unable to find your username or reset the password, you have to call the First Premier Bank Credit Card customer service number for assistance.

About First PREMIER Bank

First PREMIER Bank offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional banking products and services ranging from checking, savings, and loans to treasury services, trust, and ATM vault cash services. First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are sister organizations under the holding company, United Nation Corporation and one of the top 20 issuers of Mastercard Credit Cards in the USA.

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Contact Information

First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number: 1?800?987?5521 or 1?605?357?3440.

Fax: 1?605?357?3438

Mailing Address

First PREMIER Bank

PO Box 5524

Sioux Falls, SD 57117?5524

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