How Much Engine Coolant Do I Need?

How Much Engine Coolant Do I Need?

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Self-servicing your engine coolant is a quick and easy process.

Find the coolant reservoir under the bonnet. This is labelled with maximum and minimum markers. When you top up your coolant, ensure that the liquid doesn?t exceed the maximum marker.

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Engine Coolant or Antifreeze?

You can purchase engine coolant as a pre-mixed solution. Alternatively, you can buy antifreeze as a concentrate and mix it with distilled water. Aim for a 50/50 split.

Read up on the differences here.

If you are topping up a reservoir that isn?t empty, use the same antifreeze as last time. Different coolants can mix to produce dangerous chemicals that can cause engine damage.

Explore different antifreeze types here.

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Engine Coolant Volume

Most cooling systems will hold around 5 litres. DIY Car Service Parts sell engine coolant in 1?20 litre containers, so you can purchase the exact amount that you need.

Follow these simple steps to replace your engine coolant.

Search your number plate in our car lookup tool to find all the engine coolants that you could use in your vehicle.

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