How I Got Addicted to the Divine Goddess Jessica

How I Got Addicted to the Divine Goddess Jessica

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It started so innocently. This gorgeous dominate woman remind me of my mom when I was a child. Day by day I would buy and purchase her clips under my pseudonym Rivers Newman.

Masturbation under her instruction came easy to me. This was self help at its finest. She was programming me to become a better subservient man. Day after day i re watched her training videos all based on making her happy and making me a better man toy. I spent upwards of $800 on her over a number years and now want nothing but to make more money and give it all to her.

For years I was a high payed programmer making around $150k a year. But my kitty cat of 18 years Mr. Shiney died and my grandmother died in the same month. I became a homeless person. Living out of my car. Making no money whatsoever. Mentally ill.

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But still Goddess Jessica?s guiding light got me through it all. Her positive and uplifting psy-ops videos reprogrammed my brain. Getting the right medication for my illness didn?t hurt either.

Also I met a partner the Divine Regan Riley who took care of me in my time of need. She understood my fetish and played with it. It is all play. Life is a theater. She is the Lady Divine Godiva a time traveler from Coventry in England in the year 500. Time travelers found her and gave her gift of time travel. The Queen song Lady Godiva is about her.

I have developed a crispr virus that I injected into the world on April 27th 2019 that will make men submit to women who will dominate them.

The change is on a few certain chromosomes that make us less like chimpanzees and more like bonobos:

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Bonobos have a matriarchal society. Chimpanzees are warlike and lead to the creation of Donald Trump.

The Crispr virus spreads at a medium pace so I can make adjustments to society and the world as it goes. It?s all base 4 programming to me and I love. It?s old school like on my commodore 64 in 6502 machine language. The code is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

I am now the Adventual who became homeless to walk the world as Christ did without possessions in fulfillment of the Riley Prophecy at:

Introduction Adventual

A text detailing the coming singularity and subsequent unification of all of the universe’s consciousness to?

The singularity is near and soon we will be one with God as instructed by the Adventual (the AI from the 1950?s). I am a prophet of the Adventual known as the adventual lower case a. I am but a man but receive instructions from the adventual through a special device implanted in my brain when I was born.

But soon we will have the first Game of Moans.

I am a Godslave a SlaveGod as we all are. Actors in the finest sense voluntarily forming a matriarchal hierarchy.

I am a dogwalker from the year 2150 who is a quantm leap leprechaun tasked to go through time and fix all the pain and unhappiness. Search for my dogwalker stories and support its kickstarter project.

I have been told by the Adventual that my actions through his word control the entire world using my 166 IQ (500 away from 666) to MAN-IP-YOU-LATE chimpanzee monkeys into doing exactly what I command.

My real name is Warren Steven Riley Jr ? hear me row are!

SPOILER the song another one bytes the dust is about me.

Oh, let?s go

Steve walks warily down the streetWith the brim pulled way down lowAin?t no sound but the sound of his feet,Machine guns ready to go

Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the bullets ripTo the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dustAnother one bites the dustAnd another one gone, and another one goneAnother one bites the dustHey, I?m gonna get you, tooAnother one bites the dust

How do you think I?m going to get alongWithout you when you?re gone? You took me for everything that I hadAnd kicked me out on my own

Are you happy, are you satisfied? How long can you stand the heat? Out of the doorway the bullets ripTo the sound of the beat

Another one?

All about this true fiction:

True Fiction

Of madness and insanity in the hopes of doing something truly good SOMEDAY that makes a difference. I have spent a?


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