How do you find out who a“google voice subscriber” is?

How do you find out who a?google voice subscriber? is when you have a google number but no name?

Looking at one of my family members mobile phone call logs and I can see an outgoing call they made to an Piedmont Oklahoma telephone number, I called the number and they asked for a name. I gave my family members name and it returned a message stating ?google voice subscriber is not available? and went through to a voicemail. How do I find out who this telephone number belongs to or how this google thing works?

The answer: Google voice members sign up for a phone number. You can give the phone number out just like a regular number. Phone calls and text messages are forwarded where you want them to be ? like to a mobile phone. When someone leaves a voice mail ? it is translated to text and emailed to you.

With google voice you can send and receive their text messages via internet as well.

I dont? know how you can find out who the number belongs too. Like any cell or mobile phone number, there is not a directory of numbers like ?Yellow Book?. People get these Google phone numbers so that other people can?t find out those things. Much like when you sign up for an email address ? you don?t need to provide your real name.

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