How Do People in Australia Celebrate Summer Christmas?

How Do People in Australia Celebrate Summer Christmas?

Christmas in Australia in mid-summer is more likely to involve a barbie (BBQ), full of seafood and quality steak than a traditional European roast dinner.

Christmas is observed on 25 December each year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In Australia, it was introduced as a result of British settlement in 1788 as the cultural norms were transferred to the new colonies.

Australia is located in the Southern hemisphere. When it is winter in the Northern hemisphere, it is summer down here. The heat of summer in Australia has an impact on the way Australians celebrate Christmas. There is no frost and there is no snow. It?s different and it has its charms.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, people hang decorations in their homes, send out greetings cards, sing carols; children delightedly anticipate a visit from Santa Claus. On Christmas Day, family and friends gather to exchange gifts and enjoy special holiday food.

1. BBQ

For lunch, Australians often have freshly caught seafood outdoors at a BBQ. Either, they have a traditional roast turkey and Christmas pudding with plenty of beer and good cheer. Many families eat outdoors if it?s not too hot.

2. Beach

Image for postIf you are looking to celebrate Christmas differently, replace the snow and lights with sand and sunshine at a Sydney beach. Image: Getty

Many people spend Christmas outdoors, going to the beach for the day or heading to camping grounds for a longer break. The Beach is the coolest place to be on hot Christmas day. Also, as about 80% live within just 50 kilometers of one, why not head there to play with the waves, meet up with friends, drink ice cold beer and have a climate-appropriate BBQ? Bondi Beach is one of most popular destinations on Christmas Day.

3. Beer

Drinking beer at Christmas is a typical Aussie tradition. It is often given as a present, being the entry price for joining in the afternoon Christmas celebrations with friends and family.

4. Prawns

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With the Aussie climate around Christmas, it is ideal to devour the prawns. Australians spend 10 times more prawns at Christmas compared to any other time of the year. A couple of thousand kilos of prawns will be sold in the couple of day before Christmas alone. So when you study English in Sydney and you want to celebrate it in the same way that Australians do, make sure you have prawns for on the BBQ.

5. Cricket

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People play cricket anywhere, at the beach, park, street, and backyard, either while Christmas lunch/dinner is cooking or after their meal.

6. Carols by Candlelight

Image for postImage: Australia?s Guide

As a huge Christmas tradition in Australia, Carols by Candlelight is held all over the country in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The events range from huge gatherings to smaller local community and church events.

Christmas in Australia is also associated with two major sporting events:

7. Boxing Day Test

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The traditional Boxing Day Test begins on 26 December, the day after Christmas each year, and is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). This most keenly anticipated cricket match in world cricket involves the Australian Cricket Team and an international touring side. Tickets are usually sold out months in advance.

8. Sydney to Hobart Yacht

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Another significant sporting event is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race beginning in beautiful Sydney Harbour on 26 December. This is not only Australia?s most prestigious yachting race but also one of the most viewed sailing events in the world.

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