How Do I Reactivate My Yahoo Mail Account?

This article having the details and the solution for how do I Reactivate my Yahoo Account. So, by following the instructions just reactivate your Yahoo account.

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Sometimes customers deactivate their Yahoo account due to some reason and want to reactivate your Yahoo account to regain the access. With these provided steps if the customer had deactivated their Yahoo account and now again wants to reactivate it then it can be done by just following some of the steps that are made for it. The customers can simply follow these steps and can get back the access to their deactivated Yahoo account.

Mentioned Below are the Steps to Reactivate Yahoo Account :-

Step 1:- First of all the customers need to visit the Yahoo Mail password assistance page.

Step 2:-Then the customer is required to Choose on I?m having other problems signing in.

Step 3:-There the customers need to mention their deleted Yahoo email address.

Step 4:-Once the email address is entered Choose on continue and proceed further.

Step 5:-Now you are required to enter their old password in the specified field.

Step 6:-Now you should remember to enter their most recent Yahoo account password.

Step 7:-Press on continue.

Step 8:-After the password is entered the customers will go to a page that will show the customers that their account has been deleted.

Step 9:-On this page the customers will get a link to the recovery form.

Step 10:- Choose on the submit a recovery request.

If the customers don?t get this link then it is quite possible that their account has been permanently deleted.

Then you need to finish the verification process.

Yahoo Mail will verify all the answers to make sure that the customers are the original customers of that account.

Therefore, these are the steps that the customers need to follow to reactivate their Yahoo account. On the other hand the customers can also contact on the Yahoo Technical Support Number and can get in touch with the concerned technicians who are available for the customers. These steps are the most useful in the terms of fixation of your Yahoo account.


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