How Do I Check the Status of My South Carolina Driver’s License?

Unless you live in a big city like New York or Chicago where there are buses and subways that go everywhere, it can be very hard to get by without a driver?s license. If you?ve lost your legal ability to drive for any reason, you already know what it?s like to try to get around and live your normal life without a car.

Maybe your license is suspended, but you?re ready to get back on the road. Or maybe you?re worried that your license might be suspended but you?re not sure. You need to know the status of your license so that you can make plans to rely on other drivers or buses.

Whether you?ve already gone without a license or you?re worried those consequences are coming, you need to check the record for your South Carolina driver?s license. The problem is that taking the time to get to the DMV and back isn?t so easy, especially if you can?t drive yourself.

Checking Your Status

Going into the DMV office is still a reliable way to investigate and find out if you?re eligible to get your license back. You may find yourself having to physically go to the DMV one way or another in the end, especially if you need a new license issued.

However, you don?t have to waste the time and energy to get the DMV to find out the status of your license and driving record in South Carolina. You can call in by phone or you can simply look up your record online.

All you have to do is enter your license number, social security number and birthday, and the South Carolina DMV will give you a summary of your driving record. The summary should tell you if your license is suspended, how many points are on it, and anything else you need to know. You can also use the online platform to pay any fees you owe to get your license reinstated.

Drivers License Suspensions

There are a lot of different reasons your license may be suspended in South Carolina. If you?re arrested for a DUI or you?re caught driving without sufficient insurance on your car, the state DMV may automatically suspend your license.

Being caught driving while your license is already suspended is going to extend your penalties for longer. You can also have your license suspended for neglecting to pay a ticket or simply for getting too many points over time from relatively minor violations.

Whatever has happened, there may be something you can do to defend yourself and get your license back, either sooner or later. Maybe it?s just a matter of paying a fine and reinstating your license, or maybe it was an unfair charge you hadn?t resolved.

A police officer isn?t necessarily going to be concerned about the reasons your license is suspended if they catch you driving with it. Therefore, even if you think the suspension is unjustified, you need to address it before you start driving. Check your license status online so you can inform yourself and take appropriate action.


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