How Can I Transfer Avast Subscription On Another Computer?

Avast is a great antivirus program. In over the years, it has shown so much improvement in its detection and removal of virus and malware. Moreover, the software works in the background and doesn?t disturb the user while they are working. It is light on the PC and makes sure that your computer?s performance doesn?t get affected by it. Overall, it takes care of your computer?s security and makes sure that no cyber-criminal could affect it. Install Avast antivirus successfully on your computer and if you want then get assistance for the same at Avast technical help number UK.

Getting a paid subscription of Avast provides you comprehensive security. You can use its subscription on as many computers as you have specified at the time of purchase. For example, if you have purchased a subscription for three PC then you can install it on three different computers. But what if you want to transfer Avast subscription from one computer to another? Yes, if you do not want to buy a separate subscription for your new computer then you can transfer the subscription of the old computer to the new one.

To transfer your subscription, first, you have to uninstall Avast from your previous Windows PC. You can use un-installation tool for this purpose or you can remove the subscription from Avast Account. Once you have completed this task, you can activate your software to another PC. Follow the given steps to transfer your subscription to another device:

Note: The given steps are only applicable to Avast Ultimate, Avast Premier, Avast Internet Security and Avast Pro Antivirus.

? Uninstall Avast from your previous PC. Use Avast Setup Wizard or Windows control panel for the same. You can also do this with Avast Removal tool.? Open your Internet Browser and then visit Avast official website.? Login to your Avast account using your credentials.? Now go to Device, and click on your previous computer?s name to open the status screen.? After this, click on the Settings button and click ?Delete from Account?.? Tap Ok to confirm the changes.? Then you can install the latest version of your Avast Antivirus software on another PC.? Activate your antivirus subscription using the product key that you have got at the time of purchase.

Some people face difficulty while activating the product. If you too get any issue in the process, then without any delay, give us a call at Avast contact number UK. When you will call us, we will look into the matter and make sure that you get complete protection until your subscription expires.



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