Hotep Meaning: What This Useful Slang Term Stands for on Social Media

The slang term ?hotep? is a difficult term to understand. If you have heard or seen this term being used and it?s left you wondering, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the meaning of this term, its origin, some other possible meanings, some example conversations using the term, and some synonymous words or phrases.

Hotep Meaning

What Does Hotep Mean?

The slang term ?hotep ? is a word that is primarily used as a greeting among African Americans who believe in Afrocentrism. This is a movement started by African Americans that look to Egypt as the source for most of the African culture they have adopted.

Origin of Hotep

The term ?hotep? is an Egyptian word meaning ?peace.? Throughout history, hotep has been a part of many influential and well-known Egyptian deities. The term was adopted by the African American culture as a greeting because of the embedded history of African culture being a direct derivative of Egyptian culture. Today the term is widely used to classify Afrocentrism, but it sometimes wrongly used and used in a derivative way to stereotype people.

Other Meanings

Other than being part of Ancient Egyptian names, there do not appear to be any other meanings for the term ?hotep.?

Example Conversations

A text discussion among friends.

Friend 1 : Did you watch the news today?

Friend 2 : No, why?

Friend 1 : Downtown looked like a hote p showdown earlier. It was crazy!

A text discussion between father and son.

Son : Dad can you come to pick me up?

Dad : Why would I do that? Aren?t you in school?

Son : I am, but it looks like a possible hotep smackdown is about to happen and I don?t want to be here when he does.

Dad : English, son! I don?t know what that means!

Son : Just come pick me up!

Alternatives to ?Hotep?

There are some words and phrases that you could use to replace this term depending on the context it was being used in. Some of the words or phrases you can use instead include:


Peace be with you


Hotep Meaning Infographic

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